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Valve selection technology knowledge

Release time: 2014/11/7

阀门 都需要填料。 When purchasing valves, valves such as gate valves, ball valves , and regulating valves need packing. What is the filler? What effect?

Packing is the material filled in the valve. It has good tightness and a small coefficient of friction. It is suitable for use near the valve.

What are the valve packing details? What parameter functions does it have?


Promise stress

kgf / cm2

Specification temperature

Scale (℃)

Material type

Application occasion

形聚四氟乙烯填料 V -shaped PTFE filler

(For general corrosion)




Produced by our company

It is suitable for all chemicals, acids, alkalis and other fluids, and the use of oil is prohibited. The stuffing box surface is crystalline and solid-rich

For bulk fluids, this filler is not available.

Asbestos cotton padding

(For normal high temperature)


300 ~ 300


Or similar

water vapor. High temperature aliphatic hydrocarbons (petroleum), fatty ethers, animal and vegetable oils, Freon refrigerants, etc.

Inco nickel alloy wire reinforced asbestos graphite rope filler

(For high temperature and pressure)


600 ~ 600


Or similar

Generally suitable for high temperature media, but also for high temperature and high pressure media.

Asbestos rope weaving filler impregnated with PTFE

(For corrosion)





Or similar

V It is suitable for various chemicals, acids, alkalis and other fluids, and V

Shaped PTFE fillers are not suitable for applications, but not for strong acids.

Asbestos rope weaving filler impregnated with PTFE

(For liquid oxygen)





Or similar

V 形聚四氟乙烯填料不适用的流体。 Applicable to oxygen, liquid oxygen, and fluids that are not suitable for V -shaped PTFE packing.

Teflon rope weaving filler

(For corrosion and pollution)





Or similar

It is suitable for a variety of chemicals, acids, alkalis and other fluids.

Blue Asbestos Graphite Filler for Polyethylene Wax Disposal

(For strong acids)


400 ~ 400


Or similar

For strong acids

Select valve packing based on detailed application conditions and media?


( 即低于规范大气压 ) 场合,石棉填料容易吸入空气,遇到这种状况,通常要把聚四氟乙烯填料反装。 When the fluid pressure is negative ( that is, lower than the standard atmospheric pressure ) , asbestos packing is easy to suck in air. In this situation, the PTFE packing is usually reversed.

Low temperature

V 形聚四氟乙烯填料。 Cryogenic fluids are usually filled with V -shaped PTFE. V 形聚四氟乙烯填料和含浸聚四氟乙烯石棉填料组合运用。 However, in practice, V -shaped Teflon filler and impregnated Teflon asbestos filler are often used in combination.

(H2) Hydrogen (H2)

Hydrogen is a flammable substance. V 形聚四氟乙烯填料和含浸聚四氟乙烯石棉填料组合方式。 Because it has a small specific gravity and is easy to leak, care must be taken in selecting the filler, and a combination of V -shaped PTFE filler and impregnated PTFE asbestos filler should be used.

200 ℃时的场合,大多数选用双重密封的构造型式。 When the fluid temperature is higher than 200 ℃, the double-sealed construction type is mostly used.

Solid particle-rich fluid

形聚四氟乙烯填料通常因流体中的硬质颗粒遭到抵触、损害,因而选用组合构造,上半部装 V 形聚四氟乙烯填料,下半部装石棉绳填料来维护填料。 V -shaped polytetrafluoroethylene fillers are usually resisted and damaged due to hard particles in the fluid. Therefore, a combination structure is used. The upper half is filled with V -shaped PTFE fillers and the lower half is filled with asbestos rope fillers to maintain the filler.

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