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What are the characteristics of soft seal gate valve

Release time: 2014/11/20

软密封闸阀 有什么特性 Q: What are the characteristics of soft seal gate valve  

1. Light weight: The body is made of high-grade nodular cast iron, which is about 20% ~ 30% lighter than traditional gate valves, and is easy to install and maintain.

2. Flat-bottom gate seat: Traditional gate valves are often deposited in the groove at the bottom of the valve due to foreign objects such as stones, wood blocks, cement, iron filings, and debris after washing the pipe, which can cause leaks that cannot be closed tightly. Phenomenon, the bottom of the elastic seat gate valve adopts the same flat bottom design as the water pipe machine, which is not easy to cause debris deposition and make the fluid flow unobstructed.

3. Encapsulation: The gate is made of high-quality rubber for overall internal and external rubber. European first-class rubber vulcanization technology enables the vulcanized gate to ensure accurate geometric dimensions, and the rubber and ductile cast gate are firmly connected, which is not easy. Shedding and elastic memory are good.


耐腐蚀性强: 体采用高级球墨铸铁制成 ,阀杆采用优质 304材质,抗腐蚀性能力强。 4. Strong corrosion resistance: The valve body is made of advanced nodular cast iron, and the valve stem is made of high-quality 304 material, which has strong corrosion resistance.


密封性好:由于阀杆与阀盖之间采用三道O型密封圈设计,可减少开关时的摩擦阻力,大幅减少漏水现象。 5. Good sealing: Because of the three O-ring design between the valve stem and the valve cover, it can reduce the friction resistance when switching, and greatly reduce the water leakage.


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