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What are the professional manufacturers of electric valves

Release time: 2014/11/24

Q: What are the professional manufacturers of electric valves?
商都是比较有实力的! Answer: The valve is a valve, and the electric head is an electric head. There are professional manufacturers. Generally, valve manufacturers do not produce electric heads. General valves can be equipped with electric heads .

The electric valve is simply to use an electric actuator to control the valve, thereby achieving the opening and closing of the valve. It can be divided into two parts, the upper part is an electric actuator and the lower part is a valve.

Advantages: Good effect on liquid medium and large diameter gas, not affected by climate. Not affected by air pressure.

Disadvantages: high cost, not good in humid environments.

Daily electric valve maintenance

1. The electric valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and the two ends of the passageway must be blocked.

2. Long-term storage of electric valves should be checked regularly to remove dirt, and coated with anti-rust oil on the processing surface.

3. After installation, regular inspections should be performed. The main inspection items are:

(1) Wear of the sealing surface.

(2) Wear of trapezoidal threads on the stem and stem nut.

(3) Whether the packing is out of date and should be replaced in time if damaged.

(4) After the electric valve is overhauled and assembled, the sealing performance test shall be performed.

During the operation of electric valves, various valve parts should be complete and intact. The flange threads and the bolts on the bracket are indispensable. The threads should be intact and no looseness is allowed. 母,如发现松动应及时拧紧,以免磨损连接处或丢失手轮和铭牌。 The tightening nut on the handwheel should be tightened in time if looseness is found to avoid wearing the connection or losing the handwheel and nameplate. If the handwheel is lost, it is not allowed to replace it with a live wrench, and it should be equipped in time. 或无预紧间隙。 Packing glands must not be skewed or have no pre-tensioning gap. For electric valves in environments prone to contamination by rain, snow, dust, wind and sand, the valve stem should be equipped with a protective cover. 、清晰。 The scale on the electric valve should be kept complete, accurate and clear. The seals, caps and pneumatic accessories of electric valves should be complete. The insulation jacket shall be free of dents and cracks.

It is not allowed to knock, stand on or support heavy objects on electric valves in operation; especially non-metal electric valves and cast iron electric valves are even more prohibited.


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