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What are the types of valves?

Release time: 2014/11/24

There are many types of valves, and there are many ways to classify them.

Classified by use and function
Shut-off valve
It is mainly used to cut off or connect the medium flow. Including gate valve, globe valve, diaphragm valve, ball valve, plug valve, disc valve, plunger valve, ball plug valve, needle valve and so on.
The regulating valve is mainly used to regulate the flow rate and pressure of the medium. Including regulating valve, throttle valve, pressure reducing valve and so on.
Check valves are used to prevent the medium from flowing backwards. Including various structures of check valves.
Diverter valves are used to separate, distribute or mix media. Including distribution valves and traps of various structures.
Safety valves are used for safety protection when the medium is overpressured. Includes various types of safety valves.

Classification by main parameters
(I) Classification by pressure
Valves with vacuum valve operating pressure below standard atmospheric pressure.
Low pressure valve Valve with nominal pressure PN less than 1.6MPa.
Medium pressure valve Valve with nominal pressure PN 2.5 ~ 6.4MPa.
High pressure valve Valve with nominal pressure PN10.0 ~ 80.0MPa.
Ultra high pressure valve Valve with nominal pressure PN greater than 100MPa.
(II) Classification by medium temperature
High temperature valve t greater than 450'C valve.
Medium temperature valve 120'C less than t Valve less than 450'C.
Normal temperature valve -40'C less than t Valve less than 120'C.
Cryogenic valve -100'C less than t Valve less than -40'C.
Cryogenic valve t Valves less than -100 'C.
(3) Classification by valve body material
Non-metallic valve: such as ceramic valve, glass steel valve, plastic valve.
铸铁阀门、碳钢阀门、铸钢阀门、低合金钢阀门、高合金钢阀门。 Metal material valve: such as copper alloy valve, aluminum alloy valve, lead alloy valve, titanium alloy valve, Monel valve, cast iron valve, carbon steel valve, cast steel valve, low alloy steel valve, high alloy steel valve
Metal body-lined valves: such as lead-lined valves, plastic-lined valves, and enamel-lined valves.

General taxonomy
This classification method is divided according to principle, function and structure, and it is the most commonly used classification method at home and abroad. 闸阀、截止阀、节流阀、仪表阀、柱塞阀、隔膜阀、旋塞阀、球阀、蝶阀、止回阀、减压阀 安全阀、疏水阀、调节阀、底阀、过滤器、排污阀等。 General shut-off valve, globe valve, throttle valve, instrument valve, plunger valve, diaphragm valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, pressure relief valve safety valve, trap, regulating valve, foot valve, filter Drain valve, etc.

Gate valve ball valve butterfly valve

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