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Five precautions for proper use of traps

Release time: 2016/7/5

、一般情况下,疏水阀都是安装在低于冷凝水排出设备的位置。 1. In general, traps are installed below the condensate drainage equipment. 疏水阀 安装在高于冷凝水排出设备之处,则需在 疏水阀 的前方安装扬升接头,从而使冷凝水能够顺利地流入疏水阀。 However, if you want to install the trap above the condensate drainage device, you need to install a lifting joint in front of the trap so that the condensate can flow into the trap smoothly. When the condensed water discharge position is low, it can be used to suck the condensed water to a high place and guide it forward;

、用于回收疏水阀排出之冷凝水的配管管径应具备一定的余量,至少应能够防止蒸汽锤或压力损失带来的影响。 2. The piping diameter for recovering the condensate water discharged from the trap should have a certain margin, at least it should be able to prevent the impact of steam hammer or pressure loss. In addition, when connecting the recovery pipe to multiple water collection pipes (return pipes), a certain inflow angle should be made to facilitate the flow of condensed water;

、将冷凝水排至排水沟的场合下,若将排水管直接伸入水中易引发冷凝水飞溅的危险。 3. When draining the condensate into the drainage ditch, if the drain pipe is directly extended into the water, it may cause the risk of condensate splashing. If it is necessary to be submerged by water, in order to prevent the water in the drainage ditch from flowing back to the trap when the steam stops, failure should be made in the drainage pipe or a vacuum regulator should be installed;
、在通气初期和流速较快的场合下,它能够有效地收集冷凝水,利于疏水阀更好地工作。 4. It can effectively collect condensed water at the initial stage of ventilation and the occasion with fast flow rate, which is conducive to the better work of the trap. If no condensate collection device is designed, it is prone to the phenomenon that condensate is not discharged, garbage, scale blocking the inlet, etc .;
、对于压力条件各不相同的冷凝水管线,需对应每个不同的压力设计冷凝水回收管后进行回收。 5. For condensate pipelines with different pressure conditions, it is necessary to design condensate recovery pipes for each different pressure and recover them. Once the high-pressure condensate flows into the low-pressure recovery pipe, the condensate will evaporate again due to the temperature difference of the condensate, which will cause adverse effects such as noise and steam hammer.

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