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The role of steam traps in condensate systems

Release time: 2016/7/5

Condensate recovery systems are generally divided into gravity condensate recovery systems, back pressure condensate recovery systems, and pressure condensate recovery systems. Determination of the system and related technical requirements such as the selection, installation and operation management of steam traps . 蒸汽疏水阀 的主要工作什么呢? So what is the main work of the steam trap in the condensate recovery system ?

、在凝结水回收系统中,若利用工作背压回收凝结水时,应选用背压率较高的蒸汽疏水阀; 1. In the condensate recovery system, if the working back pressure is used to recover the condensate, a steam trap with a higher back pressure rate should be selected;

、当用汽设备内要求不得积存凝结水时,应选用能连续排出饱和凝结水的蒸汽疏水阀; 2. When the condensate is not allowed to accumulate in the steam equipment, a steam trap capable of continuously discharging saturated condensate should be selected;
、在凝结水回收系统中,用汽设备既要求排出饱和凝结水,又要求及时排除不凝结性气体时,应采用能排饱和水的蒸汽疏水阀与排气装置并联的疏水装置或采用同时具有排水、排气两种功能的蒸汽疏水阀; 3. In the condensate recovery system, when the steam-using equipment requires both the discharge of saturated condensate and the timely removal of non-condensable gases, a steam trap that can discharge saturated water and a exhaust device connected in parallel with the exhaust device or a simultaneous Steam trap with two functions of drainage and exhaust;
、当用汽设备工作压力经常波动时,应选用不需要调整工作压力的蒸汽疏水阀。 4. When the working pressure of steam equipment often fluctuates, a steam trap that does not need to adjust the working pressure should be selected.

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