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Application range of steam pressure reducing valve

Release time: 2016/7/5

     主要控制主阀的固定出口压力,主阀出口压力不因进口压力变化而改变,并不因主阀出口流量的变化而改变其出口压力, 蒸汽减压阀具有改善系统运行工况和潜在节水作用,据统计其节水效果约为 30 %。 The steam pressure reducing valve mainly controls the fixed outlet pressure of the main valve. The outlet pressure of the main valve does not change due to changes in the inlet pressure and does not change its outlet pressure due to the change in the outlet flow of the main valve. And potential water saving effect, according to statistics, its water saving effect is about 30 %. Suitable for industrial water supply, fire water supply and domestic water pipe network system.

     The steam pressure reducing valve is widely used in high-rise buildings, urban water supply network areas with high water pressure, mines and other occasions to ensure that the water points in the water supply system get the appropriate service water pressure and flow.

    The steam pressure reducing valve is used to control the opening degree of the opening and closing member in the valve body to adjust the flow rate of the medium, and reduce the pressure of the medium. Within the range, when the inlet pressure is constantly changing, keep the outlet pressure within the set range to protect the subsequent production equipment.

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