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Notes on Wafer Type Check Valve Installation

Release time: 2016/7/5

是一种通用单向流体阀门。 Wafer type check valve is a universal one-way fluid valve. Its light weight, small size, and easy to install between flanges. The valve consists of two semi-circular springs and a plate surface. The pin is fixed on the valve body to deform the spring to close the valve plate. Deformation is fast, which protects the pipeline from water hammer. Notes on Wafer Type Check Valve Installation:
、放置管道时应注意使对夹式止回阀的通过方向与流体流向一致; 1. When placing the pipeline, care should be taken to make the passing direction of the wafer check valve consistent with the fluid flow direction;
、安装在垂直放置的管路中。 2. Installed in the pipeline placed vertically. For horizontally placed pipelines, place wafer type check valves vertically;

、在对夹式止回阀和蝶阀之间使用一个伸缩管,千万不要将其与其它阀门直接相连; 3. Use a telescopic tube between the wafer check valve and the butterfly valve. Never connect it directly to other valves;
、在阀板操作半径范围内,避免加入管接头和阻塞物; 4 , within the operating radius of the valve plate, avoid adding pipe joints and obstructions;
、不要在对夹式止回阀的前面或者后面安装一个变径管; 5. Do not install a reducing tube in front of or behind the wafer check valve;
、在弯头附近安装对夹式止回阀时,要注意留有足够大的空间; 6. When installing the wafer type check valve near the elbow, pay attention to leaving enough space;
、在水泵出口安装对夹式止回阀时,至少流出六倍阀门直径的空间以保证蝶板最终受到流体作用。 7. When a wafer type check valve is installed at the outlet of the water pump, at least six times the space of the valve diameter must flow out to ensure that the butterfly plate is eventually affected by fluid.

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