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The difference between the upper and lower discharge valve

Release time: 2018/7/5

People in the valve industry are often confused about the difference between the upper and lower discharge valve. The applicability of the Shanghai Hushan Valve Factory to the upper and lower discharge valve,   structure,   The dimensions, moments and other aspects were analyzed, and the differences between the upper and lower discharge valves are compared:


、适用性 1.Applicability
    The discharge valve is mainly used for storage tanks,   Materials are discharged from the bottom of the reactor and other containers, and the valve is connected to the equipment by flange or butt welding and is located at the bottom of the device, which eliminates the residual phenomenon of process media usually at the outlet of the container. According to the needs of the actual situation, it can be divided into upper and lower expansion type; the upper expansion type is used for discharging the reactor with a mixer discharge valve; and the downward expansion type discharge valve   Reactor for frame type anchor stirrer discharge.
、结构区别 Structure difference


、启闭力矩的区别 3 , the difference between opening and closing torque
    , 打开时阀门需克服介质作用力 , 打开时较关闭力矩大 The upward unwinding valve is a valve that moves upwards. The valve opens . The valve needs to overcome the force of the medium when it is opened . The opening torque is larger than the closing torque.   .   ( 柱塞 ) 向下运动阀门打开,打开时运动方向与介质作用力相同,因而打开时较关闭力矩小。 The push-down type discharge valve is a valve ( plunger ) that moves downward to open the valve. When it is opened, the movement direction is the same as the force of the medium, so it is smaller than the closing torque when it is opened.
、启闭行程的区别 4 , the difference between opening and closing strokes
    The opening and closing strokes are different, and the installation dimensions include the upper and lower discharge valves, which have small opening and closing strokes and small installation heights. The plunger discharge valve is divided into two types of lift rod and rotary rod according to the plunger structure and movement mode.   It requires a large installation space, but it can intuitively judge the opening and closing and position of the valve according to the movement mode and position of the plunger. , 在启闭过程中柱塞只做旋转运动,它要依据带有启闭位置指示器来判断阀门的启闭和位置。 The installation height of the rotating rod structure is the smallest . During the opening and closing process, the plunger only rotates. It must judge the opening and closing and position of the valve according to the indicator with the opening and closing position.  

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