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ZZYP-16Ⅱ pilot operated self-operated pressure regulating valve

ZZYP-16Ⅱ pilot operated self-operated pressure regulating valve
Stable quality: implement quality monitoring throughout the process, meticulous and comprehensive detection!

Reasonable price: efficient internal cost control, reducing expenses and benefiting customers!

Fast delivery: advanced production lines, sufficient stocking, shortening the delivery time!
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  Product name :

ZZYP-16Ⅱ pilot operated self-operated pressure regulating valve

   Product model :


   Driving method :


   Connection form :


   Structure form :


   Sealing material :


   Pressure range :

MPa 1.6 MPa

   Nominal diameter :

-DN150 DN20 -DN150

   Common materials :

Cast steel, stainless steel

   Technical consultation :


是国内著名〖 ZZYP-16Ⅱ型指挥器操作式自力式压力调节阀 〗制造商,也是国内大型【 自力式调节阀 】生产商之一,公司自成立以来始终围绕客户的需求并持续创新,为广大的代理商和企业客户提供〖ZZYP-16Ⅱ型指挥器操作式自力式压力调节阀 〗解决方案,质量可靠,价格实惠,故畅销全国各地,欢迎新老客户来电,来函,我们将为您提供最优质的服务。 Hushan Valve Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of ZZYP-16Ⅱ pilot operated self-operated pressure regulating valve in China, and one of the large domestic [ self-operated regulating valves ] manufacturers. Since its establishment, the company has always been around Customer needs and continuous innovation, provide the majority of agents and corporate customers with "ZZYP-16Ⅱ pilot operated self-operated pressure regulating valve" solution, reliable quality and affordable price, so it sells all over the country, welcome new and old customers to call , Letter, we will provide you with the best quality service.

(简称ZZYP-16Ⅱ自力式调节阀)无需外加能源,利用被调介质自身能量为动力源,引入压力阀的指挥器以控制压力阀的阀芯位置,改变流经阀门的介质流量,使阀门后端压力(B型)或前端压力(K型)保持恒定。 ZZYP-16Ⅱ pilot operated self-operated pressure regulating valve (referred to as ZZYP-16Ⅱ self-operated regulating valve) requires no additional energy, and uses the energy of the regulated medium as the power source. The pilot of the pressure valve is introduced to control the valve core of the pressure valve. Position, changing the flow rate of the medium flowing through the valve, so that the pressure at the rear end of the valve (type B) or the pressure at the front end (type K) is kept constant. 2O (水柱)的场合,ZZYP-16KⅡ只用在泄氮装置上,并且与供氮装置配套使用。 ZZYP-16BⅡ is mainly used in the case where the pressure before the valve is high (0.2-0.8MPa) and the force behind the valve is very low (0.5-100Kpa), such as 50mmH 2O (water column), ZZYP-16KⅡ is only used in nitrogen venting devices, and Used in conjunction with a nitrogen supply device. When used alone, please use ZZVP valve instead.

1.Gas decompression
Such as 0.2-0.8MPa before the valve (more than 0.8MPa should be added in front of the valve), 0.5-100KPa behind the valve.

2. Nitrogen sealing device
Nitrogen supply and bleed

□ Features

1. The pressure setting is realized on the commander, so it is convenient, fast, labor-saving and time-saving, and can be set continuously in the running state.
2. The control accuracy is about 1 times higher than that of the ZZY self-supporting type, so it is suitable for use in places with high control accuracy.
3. Regarding the same valve, the adjustment range is wider than that of ZZY type.
4. The response is particularly sensitive, and even small pressure (such as the pressure of 50mm water column) or small pressure changes can be sensed.
2O ,压差比达1600! 5, the pressure reduction ratio is particularly large, such as 0.8MPa before the valve, 50mmH 2O behind the valve , the pressure difference ratio reaches 1600!


1. Pressure setting spring 2. Pilot actuator 3. Command valve 4. Needle valve 5. Main valve 6. Air filter pressure reducer

Among them, ZZYP-16BⅡ valve can be replaced by 1 ZZYP self-operated valve + 1 ZZVP type micro pressure valve
One ZZYP-16KⅡ valve can be replaced by one ZZVP type micro pressure valve

Material of main parts

Part Name material
Valve body ZG230-450, ZG0Cr18Ni9, ZG0Cr18Ni12Mo2
Spool 1Cr18Ni9, 0Cr18Ni12Mo2 (Stellite surfacing) PTFE
Valve seat 1Cr18Ni9, 0Cr18Ni12Mo2 (Stellite surfacing)
Valve stem 1Cr18Ni9, 0Cr18Ni12Mo2
Rubber diaphragm Nitrile rubber clip reinforced polyester fabric
Membrane cover Q235, Q235 coated with PTFE
O-ring Oil resistant rubber, PTFE

□ Application example

1.Replaces ZZV type micro pressure valve
ZZV type micro-pressure valve generally requires medium pressure ≤ 0.1MPa, while ZZYP-16Ⅱ type pilot operated self-operated pressure regulating valve is not subject to this limitation.

2. For nitrogen sealing device
2O 左右,通过氮封保护装置加以控制。 The upper end of the product oil in the storage tank of the nitrogen sealing device is covered with nitrogen, and its pressure is generally about 100 mmH 2 O , which is controlled by a nitrogen sealing protection device. When the outlet valve is opened and drained, the liquid level in the storage tank drops. At this time, the opening of the ZZYP-16BⅡ nitrogen supply regulating valve increases, and nitrogen is added to the storage tank to increase the pressure to the set value. When the liquid inlet valve is opened, the liquid level rises, the volume of the gas phase decreases, and the nitrogen pressure rises. At this time, the ZZYP-16BⅡ nitrogen supply regulating valve is closed, and the ZZYP-16KⅡ nitrogen discharge regulating valve is opened and discharged by the pressure controller. Nitrogen reduces the pressure to the set point. To ensure the safety of the storage tank, a breathing valve should be set on the tank top.
Nitrogen supply pressure adjustment: Select a set value such as 1KPa (100mm.WC) on the ZZYP-16BⅡ pressure regulating valve, and adjust it by adjusting the pre-compression (tension) amount of the main spring 1;
Nitrogen release pressure adjustment: In the pressure controller part of the ZZYP-16KⅡ relief valve, it is achieved by adjusting the pre-compression of the main spring. Generally, to avoid frequent opening and closing of the nitrogen seal device, the nitrogen release setting value should be far from the nitrogen supply pressure setting Value, such as 2Kpa (200mm.WC).
Adjusting the setting value of the breathing valve: After adjusting the above two setting values, in order to avoid frequent opening and closing of the breathing valve, the setting value of the breathing valve should be greater than the pressure relief setting value. The setting period of the two should not be too close. The breathing valve model is: ZFQ-1. C ,ZZYP-16KⅡ压力设定值P 1 ,P C 与P 1 两值不能靠得太近,以免阀门工作太频繁,呼吸阀的排放压力P 2 的设定值应大于P 1 ,P 2 与P 1 两值也不能靠得太近。 ZZYP-16BⅡ pressure set value is P C , ZZYP-16KⅡ pressure set value P 1 , P C and P 1 cannot be too close to each other, so as not to work the valve too frequently and the discharge pressure of the breathing valve P 2 is set The value should be greater than P 1 , and the values of P 2 and P 1 should not be too close. C < P 1 < P 2 The relationship between the three is P C <P 1 <P 2 .



□ Main technical parameters and performance indicators

Nominal diameter DN (mm) 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150
Seat diameter D (mm) 6 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150
Rated flow coefficient Kv 0.32 4 5 8 12.5 20 32 50 80 125 160 320
Pressure adjustment range KPa Select within 0.5-100
Nominal pressure PN (MPa) 1.0 1.6
Adjusted medium temperature (℃) -40 ~ 80
Flow characteristics Open quickly
Adjustment error (%) ≤5
Allowable pressure drop (MPa) 1.6 1.6 1.1 0.4 0.6
2 ) Effective area of actuator film (cm 2 ) 200 280 400
Allowable leakage -4 Kv) 软阀芯:Ⅵ级(GB/T4213-92)几乎无泄漏 Hard spool: Class IV (10 -4 Kv) Soft spool: Class VI (GB / T4213-92) with almost no leakage

□ Dimensions and weight

DN L S H1 H2
20 150 308 390 715
25 160 308 390 715
32 180 308 390 735
40 200 394 435 755
50 230 394 435 755
65 290 394 435 795
80 310 394 435 795
100 350 394 435 825
150 480 498 565 1105

The above all take PN16 as an example

□ Connection size and standard

Flange standard: GB9113-2000;
Flange sealing surface type: convex surface;
Signal interface: internal thread M16 1.5;
The body flange and the distance between the flange end faces can be manufactured according to user-specified standards. Such as ANSI, JIS, JPI and other standards

□ Model establishment instructions

Z: actuator category
Z: Self-supporting products
Y: pressure regulating valve
P: Single seat
Ⅱ: Compared with ZZYP-16 (25, 40, 64) control pressure, the second design series

□ Application Design Example


The above example uses a storage tank of 1KPa as an example
1. The pressure taking position of ZZYP-16BⅡ valve should be close to the storage tank (or buffer tank).
2. The pressure gauge should be placed not far from the pressure taking point to avoid unnecessary disputes.
3. The ZZYP-16BⅡ pipeline behind the valve should not be too small (generally larger than the pipeline before the valve).

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