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ZMQM pneumatic diaphragm sleeve shut-off valve

ZMQM pneumatic diaphragm sleeve shut-off valve
Stable quality: implement quality monitoring throughout the process, meticulous and comprehensive detection!

Reasonable price: efficient internal cost control, reducing expenses and benefiting customers!

Fast delivery: advanced production lines, sufficient stocking, shortening the delivery time!
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  Product name : Pneumatic film sleeve shut-off valve Product model : ZMQM
   Driving method : pneumatic Connection form : Flange  
   Structure form : Sleeve    Sealing material : Teflon
   Pressure range : 1.6-4.6MPa    Nominal diameter : DN20-DN200
   Common materials : Carbon steel, stainless steel    Technical consultation : 021-31007323

是国内著名〖 ZMQM气动薄膜套筒切断阀 〗制造商,也是国内大型【 切断阀 】生产商之一,公司自成立以来始终围绕客户的需求并持续创新,为广大的代理商和企业客户提供〖ZMQM气动薄膜套筒切断阀 〗解决方案,质量可靠,价格实惠,故畅销全国各地,欢迎新老客户来电,来函,我们将为您提供最优质的服务。 Hushan Valve Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic manufacturer of [ ZMQM Pneumatic Membrane Sleeve Shut-off Valve ] and one of the large domestic [ Stop Valves ] manufacturers. Since its establishment, the company has always focused on customer needs and continued innovation. The majority of agents and corporate customers provide the "ZMQM Pneumatic Membrane Sleeve Shut-off Valve" solution, which is reliable in quality and affordable, so it sells all over the country. Welcome new and old customers to call us and email us.


ZMQM 气动薄膜套筒切断阀 -- 概述: I. ZMQM Pneumatic Membrane Sleeve Shut-off Valve -- Overview:

动薄膜套筒切断阀 采用顶导向结构,配用多弹簧执行机构。 ZMQM pneumatic diaphragm sleeve shut-off valve adopts top guide structure and is equipped with multi-spring actuator. S 流线型、压降损失小、阀容量大、拆装方便等优点。 It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, S- streamline of fluid passage , small pressure drop loss, large valve capacity, easy disassembly and assembly, etc.

切断阀接受来自调节仪表的信号,切断、开启或改变介质流向,达到对压力、流量、液位等工艺参数自动控制。 ZMQ shut-off valve accepts the signal from the regulating instrument, cuts, opens or changes the medium flow direction, and achieves automatic control of process parameters such as pressure, flow and liquid level. It is widely used in the production process automatic control and transportation control system of various industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, light industry and textile.

PN10 16 40 46 四种,公称口径范围 DN20 200mm Pneumatic membrane sleeve shut-off valves are available in PN10 , 16 , 40 , 46 nominal pressure grades, with nominal diameters ranging from DN20 to 200mm . -60 450 The applicable fluid temperature is from -60 to 450 . IV 级或 VI 级。 The leakage level is grade IV or VI . The flow characteristic is fast opening.

ZMQM 气动薄膜套筒切断阀 -- 特点: ZMQM Pneumatic Membrane Sleeve Shut-off Valve - Features:

30 %,重量可减轻约 30 %。 The shut-off valve adopts a multi-spring actuator and an adjustment mechanism with three stand-ups. The overall height can be reduced by about 30 %, and the weight can be reduced by about 30 %. 30 %。 The valve body is designed as a low-flow resistance flow channel with constant cross section based on the principle of fluid mechanics, and the number of rated flow systems is increased by 30 %.

There are two types of inner valve sealing parts: tight type and soft seal. The tight type is made of hard alloy, and the soft seal type is made of high quality materials.

Balanced trims increase the allowable differential pressure of the shut-off valve.

The bellows seal type completely seals the moving valve stem, blocking the possibility of medium leakage.

Piston-type actuator with large operating force and large pressure difference.

ZMQM 气动薄膜套筒切断阀 -- 主要零件材料: 3. ZMQM Pneumatic Membrane Sleeve Shut-off Valve -- Major parts material:

HT200 ZG230-450 ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti ZG1Cr18Ni12MO2Ti Valve body and sealing sleeve: HT200 , ZG230-450 , ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti , ZG1Cr18Ni12MO2Ti

1Cr18Ni9T OCr18Ni12MO2Ti 1Cr18Ni9Ti 堆焊司太莱合金 Valve core and valve seat: 1Cr18Ni9T , OCr18Ni12MO2Ti , 1Cr18Ni9Ti surfacing Stellite alloy

1Cr18Ni9T OCr18Ni12MO2Ti 1Cr18Ni9Ti 堆焊司太莱合金 Sleeve and valve plug: 1Cr18Ni9T , OCr18Ni12MO2Ti , 1Cr18Ni9Ti surfacing Stellite alloy

Filler: PTFE, flexible graphite

Corrugated diaphragm: Polyester fabric reinforced with nitrile rubber

60Si2Mn Spring: 60Si2Mn

2Cr13 1Cr18Ni9Ti Valve stem and push rod: 2Cr13 , 1Cr18Ni9Ti

( 软质件 ) :增强聚四氟乙烯 Spool and plug ( soft parts ) : reinforced PTFE

1Cr18Ni9Ti Bellows: 1Cr18Ni9Ti

ZMQM 气动薄膜套筒切断阀 -- 技术参数: Fourth, ZMQM pneumatic film sleeve shut-off valve - technical parameters:

ZMQM 气动薄膜套筒切断阀 -- 安装: V. ZMQM Pneumatic Membrane Sleeve Shut-off Valve -- Installation:

  、安装人员首先应认识到 ZMQM 气动薄膜套筒切断是一种精密的仪表设备,不准碰撞、跌摔、以免损坏,影响产品性能。 1. The installer should first realize that ZMQM pneumatic film sleeve cutting is a precision instrument and equipment, and it is not allowed to collide or fall to avoid damage and affect product performance.

、在初次开工前和停工检修后应先冲洗配管系统,然后安装 ZMQM 气动薄膜套筒切断,并应保证管道内力不超过电动单座调节阀的极限值。 2. The piping system should be flushed before the initial start and after the shutdown and maintenance, and then the ZMQM pneumatic membrane sleeve should be installed to cut off, and the internal force of the pipeline should not exceed the limit value of the electric single-seat regulating valve.

3   ZMQM 气动薄膜套筒切断所示的介质流动方向 ( 阀体上的箭头 ) 安装电动单座调节阀。 Idea Be sure to install the electric single-seat regulating valve according to the medium flow direction ( arrow on the valve body ) shown by the ZMQM pneumatic film sleeve cut .

ZMQM 气动薄膜套筒切断阀应该垂直倒立安装在管道上。 4. ZMQM pneumatic diaphragm sleeve shut-off valve should be installed vertically on the pipeline. 5 所示,这样可以保证介质的温度不会传送到执行器上。 The actuator is down and the control valve is up, as shown in Figure 5 , so that the temperature of the medium will not be transmitted to the actuator. 80 时,电动单座调节阀可以正立安装。 When the medium temperature is lower than 80 , the electric single-seat regulating valve can be installed upright. 80 时, ZMQM 气动薄膜套筒切断必须垂直倒立安装,即执行器向下安装。 When the medium temperature is higher than 80 , the ZMQM pneumatic film sleeve cutting must be installed vertically upside down, that is, the actuator is installed downwards. A bracket should be added where the valve has a heavy weight or where there is vibration.

5 Install pressure gauges on the front and back of the electric single-seat control valve, so that it can be viewed during the setting adjustment.

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