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SLP two-position two-way pilot solenoid valve

SLP two-position two-way pilot solenoid valve
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Product name : SLP two-position two-way pilot solenoid valve Product model : SLP
   Driving method : automatic Connection form : Thread
   Pressure range : 1.0-6.4MPa    Nominal diameter : DN3-50
   Common materials : Wrought copper, SS316 stainless steel    Technical consultation : 021-31007323

I. Overview and working principle

The upper limit of the fluid pressure range of the SLP two-position two-way pilot solenoid valve is relatively high. It can be arbitrarily installed (customized) but must meet the fluid pressure differential conditions. SLP two-position two-way pilot solenoid valve is composed of a pilot valve and a main valve, and the two are connected by a channel.

先导式电磁阀:通电时,依靠电磁力提起阀杆,导阀口打开,此时电磁阀上腔通过先导孔卸压,在主阀芯周围形成上低下高的压差,在压力差的作用下,流体压力推动主阀芯向上移动将主阀口打开;断电时,在弹簧力和主阀芯重力的作用下,阀杆复位,电磁阀上腔压力升高,流体压力推动主阀芯向下移动,主阀口关闭。 SLP two-position two-way pilot-operated solenoid valve: Pilot-operated solenoid valve: When the valve is powered on, the valve stem is lifted by the electromagnetic force, and the pilot valve port is opened. At this time, the upper cavity of the solenoid valve is relieved of pressure through the pilot hole and surrounds the main spool The pressure difference between upper, lower, and higher is formed. Under the action of the pressure difference, the fluid pressure pushes the main valve core to move upward to open the main valve port. When the power is off, the spring force and the gravity of the main valve core cause the valve stem to reset and electromagnetic The pressure in the upper cavity of the valve rises, the fluid pressure pushes the main valve core downward, and the main valve port is closed.




Technical parameters of SLP two-position two-way pilot solenoid valve:
常开型:断电开,通电关。 1. Two-position two-way solenoid valve: normally open type: open when power is off, close when power is on. Normally closed: power off, power on.
2.Valve body material: forged copper, SS316 stainless steel
3. Ambient temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ Medium temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 130 ℃
4.Installation: According to the flow direction arrow marked on the valve, it can be arbitrarily installed. To enhance the service life, it is best to install the coil upward and horizontally;
5, connection: standard G2 / 8 ", can choose thread requirements such as NPT;
6. Voltage: AC24V / 110V / 220V / 240V 50 / 60HZ DC12V / 24V Optional German NASS coil
7, seals: NBR, EPDM, VITON, etc. can be used to apply to the switching control of different fluids;
最大耐压使作压力:17kgf/cm2 8.Maximum withstand pressure: 17kgf / cm2

Fourth, SLP two-position two-way pilot solenoid valve description:


Model specifications:


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