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ZP88 brass automatic exhaust valve

ZP88 brass automatic exhaust valve
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product name: ZP88 brass automatic exhaust valve Product number: ZP88
Applicable medium :
Clean water, non-corrosive liquid
Connection Type: Thread
Pressure range: ≤16MPa Nominal diameter: -DN25 DN15 -DN25
Common materials: Brass, stainless steel technical consulting: 021-31007323

ZP88 黄铜自动排气阀介绍 I. Introduction of ZP88 brass automatic exhaust valve  

自动铜排气阀广泛应用于热水采暖系统,冷水空调和热水加热系统,风机盘管及消防栓排除空气。 ZP88 automatic copper exhaust valve is widely used in hot water heating systems, cold water air conditioners and hot water heating systems, fan coils and fire hydrants to remove air. It is an indispensable product to ensure the normal operation of the system and eliminate air resistance in the system pipeline. AVAX automatic exhaust valves are mainly used in HVAC systems, and are often installed at high points or elbows to eliminate excess gas in the pipeline, improve pipeline efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Medium temperature: 0 ~ 80 ℃.    

Working principle of brass automatic exhaust valve, all copper automatic exhaust valve, copper exhaust valve

      When there is air in the system, the gas accumulates on the upper part of the exhaust valve, and the accumulation of air bubbles in the body causes the float to drop with the water level, so the exhaust piston is opened; after the gas is exhausted, the water level rises, the float also rises, and the exhaust is closed piston. If the bonnet on the side of the valve body is tightened, the automatic vent valve stops venting. Generally, the bonnet should be open.



Third, the characteristics of brass automatic exhaust valve, all copper automatic exhaust valve, copper exhaust valve  

、产品设计新颖,结构独特。 1. New product design and unique structure. The lower part is equipped with a one-way automatic closing device for easy maintenance, and the upper exhaust hole is an independent closing structure.
、体积小,占用空间少,使用范围广。 2.Small size, small space occupation and wide application range.
、主要零件材料为铜质和不锈钢,使用寿命长。 3. The main parts are made of copper and stainless steel with long service life.
、规格有 1/2" 3/4" 1" 三种,均为外丝扣联接。 4. There are three kinds of specifications: 1/2 " , 3/4" and 1 " , all of which are connected by outer thread.
、工作压力: PN≤16MPa 5. Working pressure: PN≤16MPa ;    t≤110℃ Working temperature: t≤110 ℃ ;    Working medium: water, non-corrosive liquid.    

Fourth, the main purpose of brass automatic exhaust valve, all copper automatic exhaust valve, copper exhaust valve  

Automatic exhaust valves are used for: independent heating systems; central heating systems; floor radiant heating systems; solar heating systems; heat pump systems; central air conditioning; heating boilers, etc.    

Five, brass automatic exhaust valve, all copper automatic exhaust valve, copper exhaust valve size and technical parameters  

Standard sizes  





















   0 Normal working pressure 7Mpa  

   120℃ Maximum working temperature: 120 ℃  

   1 Maximum test pressure 4Mpa  

   —10℃ Minimum working temperature— 10 ℃  

   HPb59-1 Body and bonnet are brass HPb59-1  

   30 Maximum percentage of ethylene glycol: 30 %  

Six, brass automatic exhaust valve, all copper automatic exhaust valve, copper exhaust valve installation instructions:
、运用于管道排气的自动排气阀应安装在热水循环的顶端,气体容易堆积的地方。 1. The automatic exhaust valve used for pipeline exhaust should be installed at the top of the hot water circulation, where the gas is easy to accumulate.
、气帽为防止杂质掉入排气孔,使用时稍拧松排气帽,便于排气。 2. In order to prevent impurities from falling into the exhaust hole, loosen the exhaust cap slightly during use to facilitate exhaust. If the exhaust cap is safe to absorb moisture, it should be fully tightened.
、排气阀不能安装在容易冻结的地方。 3. The exhaust valve cannot be installed in a place where it is easy to freeze.
、安装于暖气片的自动排气阀排气方向应垂直向上。 4. The exhaust direction of the automatic exhaust valve installed on the radiator should be vertically upward.  

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