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FOX type waterproof hammer exhaust valve

FOX type waterproof hammer exhaust valve
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Product name : FOX type waterproof hammer exhaust valve Product model : FOX
   Driving method : automatic Connection form : Flange
   Pressure range : ~6.4 MPa 1.0 to 6.4 MPa    Nominal diameter : 0-DN400 DN5 0-DN400
   Common materials : Carbon steel, stainless steel    Technical consultation : 021-31007323

FOX型防水锤排气阀 概述 I. Overview of FOX type waterproof hammer exhaust valve

用在送水时容易产生突压及大量冲击的管线上,防止排气时的大量喷水及有效减缓对于排气阀内部的冲击,以延长排气阀的寿命。 FOX type waterproof hammer exhaust valve is used on pipelines that are prone to sudden pressure and large impact when water is supplied. It prevents a large amount of water spray during exhaust and effectively reduces the impact on the exhaust valve to prolong the life of the exhaust valve . The main cause of water hammer is that there is air in the water pipe. When the air column suddenly drops pressure, the air column will expand and promote the movement of the water column. This pushes the water, which pushes the gas, forming a water hammer, and a large destructive force. Especially for the first water test, the air must be exhausted, and the water should be stopped after exhausting.

FOX型防水锤排气阀技术参数 Technical parameters of FOX waterproof hammer exhaust valve

  Nominal diameter DN (mm)

  ~400 50 ~ 400

  Nominal pressure PN (Mpa)

  1.0 ~ 6.4

  Operating temperature (℃)

  0 ~ 90

  Applicable medium


FOX型防水锤排气阀技术零部件材质 Material of FOX type waterproof hammer exhaust valve technology parts

  Serial number







  Part Name


  Bolts and nuts

  Valve body

  Body care


  Positioning post

Material properties

Carbon steel, stainless steel

Carbon steel, stainless steel

Carbon steel, stainless steel

stainless steel

stainless steel

stainless steel

FOX型防水锤排气阀 安装要求 Fourth, FOX type waterproof hammer exhaust valve installation requirements

1. Before installation, please check and remove the sundries in the main body.

2. Install a gate valve in front of the valve for next installation and maintenance. If the valve is installed in the shadow well, there should be enough space to accommodate technicians' adjustment and maintenance work.

3. If the waterproof hammer exhaust valve is installed outdoors, please pay attention to the insulation of the valve to prevent the water in the valve from freezing or cracking the valve.

4. If the pipeline where the exhaust valve is located sends water frequently, it is recommended to install a buffer valve in front of the exhaust valve.

FOX型防水锤排气阀 安装位置的选择 Fifth, the choice of installation position of FOX waterproof hammer exhaust valve

The installation position of the waterproof hammer exhaust valve directly affects the exhaust effect and the running status of the pipeline. Designers are often limited to the local highest point when designing. There are various installation positions of composite exhaust valves. Only by comprehensive consideration of the entire pipeline can the exhaust effect be optimal. Common installation locations are as follows: local highest point, descending slope becomes larger, ascending slope becomes smaller, and long-distance rise or fall pipe sections without breakpoints.

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