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Pulse type safety valve

Pulse type safety valve
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Product name : Pulse type safety valve Product model : GA49H
   Driving method : Manual, pneumatic, electric Connection form : Flange
   Structure form : Pulsed    Sealing material : Cobalt-based chromium-nickel stainless steel overlay welding
   Pressure range : 4.0MPa    Nominal diameter : DN25
   Common materials : Carbon steel, stainless steel    Technical consultation : 021-31007323
脉冲式安全阀结构简述: I. Brief description of the structure of the pulse safety valve:
1. Balance the pressure of the valve flap by lever and weight to ensure the valve is sealed, move the position of the weight and change the weight of the weight to achieve the required take-off pressure.
2. The sealing surface is made of iron-based chromium-nickel stainless steel, and the valve disc is heat-treated to improve wear resistance and erosion resistance.
3. The upper part of the valve is equipped with an electromagnet for opening and closing, and the actions of machinery and electrical appliances do not interfere with each other.
脉冲式安全阀安装说明: Second, the pulse safety valve installation instructions:
1. This valve should be used together with A49H-4 main safety valve .
2. The pulse safety valve should be installed strictly vertically, the lever should be kept horizontal, and the gap between the two sides of the guide fork must be uniform.
3. Before installing the pulse safety valve, flush the pipeline.
4. The pulse safety valve outlet pipe and the inlet pipe of the main safety valve should be kept a certain distance. The distance between the electrical contact pressure gauge and the inlet pipe of the main safety valve must not be less than 5 times the diameter of the inlet pipe of the main safety valve. So as not to affect the correctness of the electrical contact pressure gauge and pulse safety valve due to the exhaust steam when the main safety valve is operating.
脉冲式安全阀外形尺寸和连接尺寸 : Third, the pulse valve safety dimensions and connection dimensions :
Nominal diameter DN (mm)
Size (mm)


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