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Q641TC pneumatic ceramic ball valve

Q641TC pneumatic ceramic ball valve
Stable quality: implement quality monitoring throughout the process, meticulous and comprehensive detection!

Reasonable price: efficient internal cost control, reducing expenses and benefiting customers!

Fast delivery: advanced production lines, sufficient stocking, shortening the delivery time!
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气动陶瓷球阀简介 1. Introduction to Q641TC pneumatic ceramic ball valve

C 气动陶瓷球阀具有优良的耐磨损、耐酸碱、耐腐蚀、高强度、高韧性、耐高温以及防磁性的特点,使其能在特别恶劣的环境中使用,能不污染物料和环境;在管道系列制品可代替不锈钢合金、硬质合金等其他金属制品,并使之成为更优良之制品。 Q641T C pneumatic ceramic ball valve has the characteristics of excellent wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, high toughness, high temperature resistance and anti-magnetic characteristics, making it able to be used in particularly harsh environments, and can be free of pollutant materials and the environment. ; In the pipeline series products can replace stainless steel alloys, cemented carbide and other metal products, and make it a better product. The original metal or plastic valve ball and valve seat are prone to wear and tear and are not easy to close due to the effects of thermal expansion and contraction, and cannot be effectively used normally, so the service life   Short; this new product, the valve ball and valve seat are made of structural ceramics, and its degree of wear and tear is not affected by the coefficient of thermal expansion and cold, and it has good operability in harsh environments or under fluid Longer life.

气动陶瓷球阀主要特点 Main features of Q641TC pneumatic ceramic ball valve

所有与介质接触的部分均为结构陶瓷材料 其化学稳定性及硬度极高(洛氏硬度 HRC90 仅次于金刚石。 1. All parts in contact with the medium are structural ceramic materials , which have extremely high chemical stability and hardness (Rockwell hardness HRC90 ) , second only to diamond. 本阀具有极高的耐磨损、耐腐蚀、耐冲蚀性能,且隔热性好、热膨胀小。 Therefore , the valve has extremely high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, good thermal insulation and low thermal expansion.

球体采用先进研磨设备及工艺制造 球圆度精度高 , 表面质量好 与阀座对研后 , 利用 Zr02 陶瓷的自滑润, 彻底改变了金属硬密封球阀易泄露、扭矩大、密封面不耐腐蚀的缺点。 2. The ball is manufactured with advanced grinding equipment and technology . The ball has high roundness accuracy and good surface quality. After being researched with the valve seat , the self-lubricating of Zr02 ceramic is used to completely change the metal hard-sealed ball valve, which is easy to leak, has large torque, and has a sealing surface. The disadvantage of not being resistant to corrosion.

陶瓷良好的耐磨性 让本阀经久耐用 , 可靠性极高 . 使用寿命长 是钛合金阀和蒙乃尔阀的 2-4 倍。 3. The good abrasion resistance of ceramics makes this valve durable and extremely reliable . It has a long service life , which is 2-4 times that of titanium alloy valves and Monel valves .

用于高硬度的颗粒介质,或有软颗粒但又有腐蚀的介质中,本阀门具有无可比拟的绝对优势 4. Used in granular media with high hardness, or in media with soft particles but corrosive, this valve has an incomparable absolute advantage .

气动陶瓷球阀技术参数 Technical parameters of Q641TC pneumatic ceramic ball valve

DN mm Nominal diameter DN ( mm )


MPa) Nominal pressure ( MPa)

2.5 PN1.0 2.5

MPa) Allowable pressure difference ( MPa)

公称压力 ≤Nominal pressure

Body form


Connection Type


Spool form

型球阀阀芯 O -type ball valve spool

proper temperature

≤200 ℃

Flow characteristics

Approximately quick opening

Range of action

90 0 to 90

Q Leakage Q

VI 级、硬密封 IV 级符合 ANSI B16.104 标准 Soft seal class VI and hard seal class IV meet ANSI B16.104 standard

Configure actuator

AT ST SR AW 等系列气动执行机构 GT , AT , ST , SR , AW and other series pneumatic actuators

control method

2 位控制) Switch type (switch 2 -position control)     4-20mA 控制) Adjustable ( 4-20mA control)

气动陶瓷球阀主要材质 Fourth, the main material of Q641TC pneumatic ceramic ball valve



Flange sleeve

Engineering ceramics

Middle body


Valve stem

35 #

Middle body

Engineering ceramics



Valve seat

Engineering ceramics

型密封圈 O -ring



Engineering ceramics


According to configuration

气动陶瓷球阀制造标准 Five, Q641TC pneumatic ceramic ball valve manufacturing standards

standard name


Design and Manufacturing

GB / T 12224

Structure length

GB / T 12221

Connecting flange

GB / T 9113

Inspection and experiment

GB / T 9092

气动陶瓷球阀执行器参数 Parameters of Q641TC pneumatic ceramic ball valve actuator

Actuator model

AT ST SR AW 等系列气动执行机构 GT , AT , ST , SR , AW and other series pneumatic actuators

Supply pressure

0.7MPa 0.4MPa 0.7MPa

Air source interface

G1/8″ G3/8″ G1/2″ G1 / 4 ″ , G1 / 8 ″ , G3 / 8 ″ , G1 / 2 ″

Ambient temperature

20℃ ~﹢ 70℃ 20 ℃ 70 ℃

Action form

B - 失气时阀位开( FO );气开式( K - 失气时阀位关( FC Single-acting actuators: gas-closed ( B ) -valve position open ( FO ) when out of air ; gas-open ( K ) -valve position closed ( FC ) when out of air
B - 失气时阀位保持( FL );气开式( K - 失气时阀位保持( FL Double-acting actuators: gas-closed ( B ) -valve position retention ( FL ) when out of air ; gas-open ( K ) -valve position retention ( FL ) when out of air

Optional accessories

Positioner, solenoid valve, air filter, guard valve, position switch, valve position transmitter, handwheel mechanism, etc.

气动陶瓷球阀外形尺寸: Seven, Q641TC pneumatic ceramic ball valve dimensions:




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