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UD-C Two-way Miniature Solenoid Valve

UD-C Two-way Miniature Solenoid Valve
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UD-C二通微型电磁阀概述: I. Overview of UD-C two-way miniature solenoid valve:

       二通微型电磁阀 适用于水、气、热水、油 介质的管路通断切换、实现自动化控制。 UD-C two-way miniature solenoid valve is suitable for on-off switching of pipelines for water, gas, hot water, oil and other media, to achieve automatic control. The solenoid valve must be installed in an explosive environment.

二通 微型电磁阀性能参数 Second, UD-C two-way miniature solenoid valve performance parameters :

Nominal diameter  


proper temperature  

-5 ~ 80 ℃  

Connection method  


Applicable medium  

Water, gas, hot water, oil  

Mode of action  


Working pressure  

0.3~10 Kgf/cm 2; Normally closed: 0.3 ~ 10 Kgf / cm 2;  

Body material  

Copper (forged), stainless steel (precision casting)

Seal material  

NBR Nitrile rubber ( NBR )

Coil protection factor  

IP54 Iron case coil IP54


J ,如 UD-C-10J; 1. If stainless steel is required, add J after the model , such as UD-C-10J;

N ,如 UD-C-10N; 2. If plastic coil is required, add N after the model , such as UD-C-10N;

3. If external thread is required, specify the external thread interface when ordering.
UD-C二通微型电磁阀技术参数 Third, UD-C two-way miniature solenoid valve technical parameters :

UD-C 二通微型电磁阀外形结构图


G Thread G

The way to

Cv value



Medium temperature

Working pressure (differential pressure)

Rated voltage




2 Kgf / cm 2  


3/8 "





-5 ~ 80

0.3 ~ 10

上下浮动 : 10% ;其他电压可已定制 220VAC / 50HZ 12VA; DC24 9.5 W; floating up and down : 10% ; other voltages can be customized

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