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GTQ snorkel

GTQ snorkel
Stable quality: implement quality monitoring throughout the process, meticulous and comprehensive detection!

Reasonable price: efficient internal cost control, reducing expenses and benefiting customers!

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  Product name : Snorkel Product model : GTQ
   Driving method : Manual Product features : Light weight and easy installation
   Product attributes : Tank accessories      Sealing material : Cemented carbide
   Manufacturing standards : GB5908.86    Nominal diameter : DN50-DN250
   Common materials : Cast aluminum alloy    Technical consultation : 021-31007323

是国内著名〖 GTQ型通气管 〗制造商,也是国内大型【 阻火器 】生产商之一,公司自成立以来始终围绕客户的需求并持续创新,为广大的代理商和企业客户提供〖GTQ型通气管 〗解决方案,质量可靠,价格实惠,故畅销全国各地,欢迎新老客户来电,来函,我们将为您提供最优质的服务。 Hushan Valve Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic manufacturer of " GTQ-type air ducts" and one of the large domestic [ fire arrester ] manufacturers. Since its establishment, the company has always focused on the needs of customers and continued to innovate. Business and enterprise customers provide the "GTQ-type snorkel" solution, which is reliable in quality and affordable, so it sells all over the country. Welcome new and old customers to call us or write us, we will provide you with the best service.

I. Introduction of GTQ Snorkel

   排水通气管系统有伸顶通气管、主通气管、副通气管、结合通气管、环形通气管、器具通气管、汇合通气管及专用通气管等类型,分别用于不同的位置,其中罩型通气管适用于蓄水水池及水箱安装。 GTQ type vent tube drainage vent tube system has extension vent tube, main vent tube, auxiliary vent tube, combined vent tube, annular vent tube, appliance vent tube, combined vent tube and dedicated vent tube, etc., which are used in different positions respectively. Among them, the hood type ventilation pipe is suitable for the installation of water storage tanks and water tanks. The elbow-type ventilation pipe is a pipe that communicates with the atmosphere in order to circulate air in the drainage system, stabilize the pressure, and damage the waterproof seal.

Second, the main purpose of the GTQ type ventilation tube:
阻火器 是中国石油化工总公司北京设计院于一九八六年设计的科技成果,经公安部天津消防科学研究所测试检定,符合国家标准GB5908.86的要求。 1. The new flame arrester is a scientific and technological achievement designed by China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation Beijing Design Institute in 1986. It has been tested and verified by the Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and meets the requirements of the national standard GB5908.86.
2. The product structure is reasonable, the shape is beautiful, the shell is cast aluminum alloy, light weight, easy to install, the fire-resistant layer core is made of stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance, fire resistance, explosion resistance and other technical properties are outstanding.
3. The flame arrester is usually used with breathing valves or used alone, and it can also be applied to the ventilation pipeline of an internal floating roof oil tank.
Please specify the product name, model and specifications when ordering.

Three, the main shape of the GTQ type ventilation pipe and the flange connection size

Specification (DN)

Weight (㎏ / set)

Installation size (mm)












4 14







4 18







4 18







8 18







8 18







12 18

Note: The connecting flange meets the requirements of JB78-59 "cast iron flange"

Performance of GTQ snorkel

1.Exhaust the toxic and harmful gases in the drainage pipe to meet the health requirements;

2.Ventilation pipe replenishes fresh air into the reservoir, water tank and drainage pipe to reduce the corrosion of metal pipes and extend the service life;

3. The cistern and water tank should be provided with more than two ventilation pipes to improve the capacity of the drainage system. The gap between the liquid end of one end and the bottom of the bottle prevents negative pressure in the pipe and ensures smooth drainage.) Prevents the formation of standing water, odors, reduces the fluctuation of air pressure, protects water seals and prevents damage to water seals.

4. It can quickly discharge the water vapor and harmful gas in the reservoir and water tank. The built-in gauze gauze effectively prevents disease vectors, insects and dust from entering and destroying the water quality.

Five, GTQ type ventilation tube description

1. The average flow velocity of the filter (mesh, cloth) layer in the design of the ventilation pipe is 0.75m / s. The filter cloth should be stitched with the same material when installing, and the inner cover can be made of non-toxic non-metallic materials;

2. Ventilation pipes are designed in three thicknesses of soil cover (H1): 0.0m, 0.5m and 1.0m. 0.0m is suitable for southern areas, 0.5m is suitable for central areas, and 1.0 is suitable for cold areas.

3. The requirements for rust removal and anti-corrosion after welding are made according to customer design requirements.

4. Conditional areas can be made of stainless steel according to design requirements to achieve better corrosion protection and prolong service life.

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