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Explosion-proof fire resistance breathing valve

Explosion-proof fire resistance breathing valve
Stable quality: implement quality monitoring throughout the process, meticulous and comprehensive detection!

Reasonable price: efficient internal cost control, reducing expenses and benefiting customers!

Fast delivery: advanced production lines, sufficient stocking, shortening the delivery time!
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  Product name : Explosion-proof fire resistance breathing valve Product model : ZFQ
   Driving method : Manual Connection form : Flange
  Applicable temperature : -40 ~ + 60 ℃    Sealing material : Teflon
   Pressure range : AD level    Nominal diameter : DN50-DN300
   Common materials : Carbon steel, stainless steel    Technical consultation : 021-31007323

是国内著名〖 防爆阻火呼吸阀 〗制造商,也是国内大型【 呼吸阀 】生产商之一,公司自成立以来始终围绕客户的需求并持续创新,为广大的代理商和企业客户提供〖防爆阻火呼吸阀 〗解决方案,质量可靠,价格实惠,故畅销全国各地,欢迎新老客户来电,来函,我们将为您提供最优质的服务。 Hushan Valve Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of explosion-proof and fire-resistant breathing valves in China and one of the large domestic manufacturers of [ breathing valves ]. Since its establishment, the company has always focused on customer needs and continued innovation for the majority of Agents and corporate customers provide the "Explosion-proof and Fire-Resistant Breathing Valve" solution, which is reliable in quality and affordable in price, so it sells all over the country. Welcome new and old customers to call us and email us. We will provide you with the best service.

First, the main purpose and characteristics of explosion-proof fire resistance breathing valve

阻火器 和呼吸阀”。 According to the national standard "Code for Design of Fire Protection of Petrochemical Enterprises" (GB50160-90), "Fixed top tanks for Class A and B liquids shall be equipped with flame arresters and breathing valves." Visible breathing valves and flame arresters are indispensable safety facilities for storage tanks.

It can not only maintain the air pressure balance of the storage tank, ensure that the rabbit is damaged when the storage tank is overpressured or vacuum, and can reduce the volatilization and loss of the medium in the tank. Breathing valve is a safe and energy-saving product that maintains the pressure balance of the storage tank and reduces the volatilization of the medium. It is often used in conjunction with a flame arrester. The valve is mainly used to recover toxic and harmful gases that pollute the environment and endanger human safety.

防爆阻火呼吸阀 ,具有结构紧凑,通气量大,泄漏量小,耐腐蚀,密封性能好等特点。 The explosion-proof fire-resistance breathing valve produced by our company has the characteristics of compact structure, large ventilation, small leakage, corrosion resistance and good sealing performance. Recently, an explosion-proof flame arrester breathing valve with international advanced level has been developed. The flame arrester is located at the suction inlet of the breathing valve, completely preventing the fire source from entering the breathing valve housing. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy maintenance, cleaning, and easy replacement.

The valve disc is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, which has the advantages of low temperature resistance and antifreeze. The valve is equipped with an electrostatic output device to keep the valve at the same potential as the tank at all times.

防火呼吸阀 正常工作情况下,阻火呼吸人孔基本保持密封状态,储罐处于正常压力。 Under the normal working condition of the fire breathing valve , the fire blocking breathing manhole is basically kept sealed, and the storage tank is under normal pressure. When the normal operation of the breathing valve can not meet the sudden overpressure of the storage tank due to unexpected reasons, the pressure relief cap of the breathing manhole will automatically open and perform emergency pressure relief to keep the pressure in the tank normal; When vacuum is applied, the suction valve is opened to inhale the atmosphere sharply to maintain the normal pressure in the tank; when the atmosphere is sparked or flamed, the fire barrier acts as a "wall effect" to prevent the flame from passing through to protect the storage tank. Safety.

Second, the main technical parameters of explosion-proof fire resistance breathing valve

Housing material: carbon steel, stainless steel (SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L), fluorine-lined, plastic.

Internal core parts: valve disc, valve seat, valve stem, valve sleeve.

Internal core material: stainless steel or PTFE.

Material of sealing ring: PTFE.

Material of fire barrier: stainless steel.

Ambient temperature: -40 ~ + 60 ℃.

Operating pressure:

Type A: -295Pa (-30mmH20) + 355Pa (+ 36mmH20)

Type B: -295Pa (-30mmH20) + 980Pa (+ 100mm H20)

Type C: -295Pa (-30mmH20) + 1750Pa (+ 180mm H20)

Type D: -295Pa (-30mmH20) + 9800Pa (+ 1000mm H20) (special pressure, user specified)

Explosion-proof grade: BS 5501: IIA, IIB, IIC.

Flange standards: GB, HG, SH, HGJ, JB, ANSL, JIS and other standards. (User specified, please indicate the pressure level)

Manufacturing and testing standards: Manufacture and acceptance according to (petroleum storage tank breathing valve) SY7511-87, (petroleum tank flame arrester performance and test method) GB5908-86; or user-specified standards.

Three, explosion-proof fire resistance breathing valve specifications

Structure of explosion-proof fire-resistance breathing valve






































Fourth, the maintenance method of explosion-proof fire resistance breathing valve

1. Storage: After the above products are delivered to the construction site, if they are not temporarily installed or the factory is overhauled or overhauled, they should be stored in a warehouse with rain-proof facilities; emergency emptying manhole series products must not be inverted during transportation.

2. Maintenance:

a. For breathing valve series products, the staff should go to the top of the tank to check once a month, check the valve disc, valve seat, valve stem, valve sleeve and other parts for dust and dirt. If there are, they should be cleaned and dried; every six months, Wipe the valve sleeve and valve stem once with transformer oil.

b. Every six months, the staff should check the fire-blocking layer of the fire-blocking breathing valve. If there are stains or impurities blocking the fire-blocking layer, the fire-blocking layer should be removed, the stain should be removed with the corresponding solvent, and then the fire-blocking should be performed with water The layer is cleaned and dried, and then placed in the shell after being blown and dried.

c. The paint on the inner and outer surfaces of the above product shells should be repainted once a year.

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