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Eccentric hemisphere valve

Eccentric hemisphere valve
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Product name : Eccentric hemisphere valve Product model : PBQ347Y
   Driving method : Manual Connection form : Flange
   Structure form : Fixed ball valve         Seal structure : Hard seal, etc.
   Pressure range : ~ 40 Mpa 10 ~ 40 Mpa    Nominal diameter : -DN100 0 DN50 -DN100 0
   Common materials : Cast steel, carbon steel    Technical consultation : 021-31007323

是国内著名〖 偏心半球阀 〗制造商,也是国内大型【 球阀 】生产商之一,公司自成立以来始终围绕客户的需求并持续创新,为广大的代理商和企业客户提供〖偏心半球阀 〗解决方案,质量可靠,价格实惠,故畅销全国各地,欢迎新老客户来电,来函,我们将为您提供最优质的服务。 Hushan Valve Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic [ eccentric hemisphere valve ] manufacturer and one of the large domestic [ ball valve ] manufacturers. Since its establishment, the company has always focused on customer needs and continued innovation. Enterprise customers provide the "eccentric hemisphere valve" solution, which is reliable in quality and affordable in price, so it sells all over the country. Welcome new and old customers to call us and email us. We will provide you with the best service.

I. Brief introduction of eccentric hemisphere valve

    法兰闸阀 是同属一个类型的阀门,区别在它的关闭件是个球体,球体绕阀体中心线作旋转来达到开启、关闭的一种阀门。 Eccentric hemisphere valve and flange gate valve are the same type of valve. The difference is that the closing part is a sphere. The sphere rotates around the center line of the valve body to open and close the valve. Ball valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium. Two-piece ball valve, three-piece ball valve, is a new type of valve widely used.

Second, the advantages of eccentric hemisphere valve

1. The fluid resistance is small, and its resistance coefficient is equal to the pipe length of the same length.

2. Simple structure, small size and light weight.

High platform ball valve can be divided into straight type, three type and right angle type according to its channel position. The latter two types of ball valves are used to distribute media and change the flow of media. The following matters should be noted in the installation and maintenance of three-piece ball valve:

1. Keep the position where the valve handle rotates.

2. Cannot be used as throttling.

3 Ball valves with transmission mechanism should be installed upright.

偏心半球阀工作原理 Working principle of eccentric hemisphere valve

It is to open or close the valve by rotating the valve chain. The ball valve switch is lightweight, small in size, can be made into a large caliber, reliable sealing, simple structure, easy maintenance, the sealing surface and spherical surface are often closed, not easy to be eroded by the medium, and widely used in various industries.

偏心半球阀主要用途 Fourth, the main purpose of eccentric hemisphere valve

Distribute and change the flow direction of the medium. Ball valve is a new type of valve widely used, which has the following advantages:

1. The fluid resistance is small, and its resistance coefficient is equal to the pipe length of the same length.

2. Simple structure, small size and light weight.

3. It is tight and reliable. The sealing surface material of the ball valve is widely used in plastic and has good tightness. It has also been widely used in vacuum systems.

4. Easy operation, fast opening and closing, only need to rotate 90 from fully open to fully closed, which is convenient for remote control.

5. Easy maintenance, simple structure of ball valve, seal ring is usually movable, and it is more convenient to disassemble and replace.

6. When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surfaces of the ball and the valve seat are isolated from the medium. When the medium passes through, it will not cause erosion of the valve sealing surface.

7. Wide range of application, from small diameter to several millimeters, large to several meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied. When the ball is rotated 90 degrees, the spherical surface should be present at the entrance and exit, so as to intercept the flow.

   是一种比较新型的球阀类别,它有着自身结构所独有的一些优越性,如开关无摩擦,密封不易磨损,启闭力矩小。 Eccentric hemisphere valve is a relatively new type of ball valve, which has some unique advantages of its own structure, such as no friction of the switch, the seal is not easy to wear, and the opening and closing torque is small. This reduces the size of the actuators. Equipped with a multi-turn electric actuator, it can realize the regulation and strict shut-off of the medium. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, urban water supply and drainage and other conditions that require strict cutoff.

偏心半球阀结构 形式 Five, eccentric hemisphere valve structure

The eccentric hemisphere valve is divided into two types in appearance and structure:

1. Top-loading type: mainly for the medium with very severe erosion and wear, the top-loading structure is very convenient to replace and repair the damaged opening and closing parts. There is no need to remove the entire valve from the pipeline, which greatly saves maintenance time and costs.

2. Side-mounted type: The side-mounted type is compact in structure and light in weight, and is suitable for occasions requiring valve installation space.

偏心半球阀结构 特点 Structural characteristics of eccentric hemisphere valve

Product Usage

Eccentric hemisphere valve is suitable for sewage treatment, pulp, alumina, urban heating and heating applications where strict standards are required; it is suitable for power plant, hydraulic slag removal or gaseous pipeline control.

偏心半球阀 特点 Characteristics of eccentric hemisphere valve

① The eccentric hemisphere valve is a top-loading structure. The valve installed on the pipeline can be directly checked and repaired online, which can effectively reduce the equipment shutdown and reduce costs.

② Eccentric hemisphere valve is single seat design. Eliminates the problem that the medium in the cavity of the valve affects the safety of use due to abnormal pressure rise.

③ Low torque design. The valve stem with special structure design can be easily opened and closed with a small handle.

④No friction during opening and closing. This function completely solves the problem that the traditional [wiki] valve [/ wiki] affects the seal due to the friction between the sealing surfaces.

⑤ Wedge-shaped seal structure. The valve is sealed by the mechanical force provided by the valve stem, which presses the ball wedge against the valve seat, so that the sealing of the valve is not affected by the change in the pressure difference of the pipeline, and the sealing performance is reliably guaranteed under various working conditions.

⑥ Self-cleaning structure of sealing surface of eccentric hemisphere valve. When the ball is tilted away from the valve seat, the fluid in the pipeline passes through the sealing surface of the ball uniformly at 360 . .

偏心半球阀知识概述 Eight, eccentric hemisphere valve knowledge overview

Eccentric hemisphere valve has cutting function,

1. The eccentric hemisphere valve is composed of valve, eccentric shaft, valve cover, ball crown, sleeve, valve seat and other main components. The eccentric shaft is rotated 90 to open and close the valve, which plays a role of cutting off the medium.

2. The eccentric hemisphere valve ensures that the valve seat and the ball crown do not rub against each other during the opening or closing process of the valve. The eccentric hemisphere valve uses an eccentric crankshaft so that the centerline of the ball crown and the centerline of the valve flow channel deviate from an eccentric distance. When the valve is opened, the crankshaft rotates through a small angle, the ball cap will leave the valve seat, and the ball cap and the valve seat will no longer contact; on the other hand, during the valve closing process, the ball cap and the valve seat will be closed only at the moment of closing. contact.

3. The eccentric hemisphere valve adopts a top-loading structure. During maintenance, there is no need to remove it from the pipeline. Just remove the bolt on the valve cover and remove the valve cover, so that the eccentric shaft can be taken out. This ensures that the valve can be online. service.

4. The eccentric hemisphere valve should ensure that the flow channel is completely unblocked when it is opened, and the head loss is small during operation. The sphere uses a semi-circular channel, which has good flow performance and linear adjustment performance, and impurities will not be deposited in the cavity of the valve body.

5. The eccentric hemisphere valve should have sufficient strength. The eccentric crankshaft uses a fixed ball structure without any vibration at high flow rates. The shell test is performed according to national standard GB13927-1992.

6. The eccentric hemisphere valve is not allowed to leak. The upper and lower shaft ends should be sealed with at least two O-rings.

7. The eccentric hemisphere valve has a cutting function, which can cut off the debris (twigs, textile bags, etc.) in the medium when it is closed to ensure that the valve is normally opened and closed.

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