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Flat gate valve

Flat gate valve
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  Product name : Flat gate valve Product model : Z43F, Z43WF
   Driving method : Manual, pneumatic, electric Connection form : Wafer, flange
   Structure form : Bright pole, dark pole    Sealing material : Fluoroplastic, cast steel, stainless steel
   Pressure range : 1.0 ~ 16.0MPa    Nominal diameter : DN50-DN800
   Common materials : Carbon steel, stainless steel    Technical consultation : 021-31007323

是国内著名〖 平板闸阀 〗制造商,也是国内大型【 】生产商之一,公司自成立以来始终围绕客户的需求并持续创新,为广大的代理商和企业客户提供〖平板闸阀 〗解决方案,质量可靠,价格实惠,故畅销全国各地,欢迎新老客户来电,来函,我们将为您提供最优质的服务。 Hushan Valve Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic [ flat gate valve ] manufacturer and one of the large domestic [ gate valve ] manufacturers. Enterprise customers provide the "flat gate valve" solution, which is reliable in quality and affordable in price, so it sells all over the country. Welcome new and old customers to call us and email us.

I. Introduction of Flat Gate Valve

是一种关闭件为平行闸板的滑动阀。 The flat gate valve is a sliding valve with a parallel gate. The closing member can be a single shutter or a double shutter with a spreading mechanism in between.

The pressing force of the gate to the valve seat is controlled by the medium pressure acting on the floating gate or the valve seat. If it is a double gate flat gate valve, the spreading mechanism between the two gates can supplement this pressing force.

Classification of flat gate valves

按驱动方式可分为手动平板闸阀、气动平板闸阀及电动平板闸阀。 The flat gate valve can be divided into manual flat gate valve, pneumatic flat gate valve and electric flat gate valve according to the driving method. According to the purpose and application, it can be divided into flat gate valve with diversion hole, flat gate valve without diversion hole, flat gate valve in oil field, flat gate valve in pipeline and gas flat gate valve.

Third, the use of flat gate valve

产品采用新型浮动式密封结构,适用于压力不大于15.0MPa,温度-29~121℃的油品、天然气等管线上,作为控制介质的启闭及调节装置,该产品结构设计新颖、选材恰当、测试严格、操作轻便,具有较强的防腐、耐磨、耐冲蚀性能,是石油工业界一种理想的新型装备。 The insulation gate valve product adopts a new floating seal structure, which is suitable for oil and gas pipelines with a pressure of not more than 15.0 MPa and a temperature of -29 to 121 C. Appropriate, rigorous testing, light operation, strong anti-corrosion, wear resistance, erosion resistance, is an ideal new equipment in the petroleum industry.

Structural characteristics and working principle of flat gate valve

1. Adopt floating valve seat, two-way opening and closing, reliable sealing and flexible opening and closing.

2. The gates are provided with guide bars for precise guidance. At the same time, the sealing surfaces are spray welded with hard alloy to resist erosion.

3. The valve body has a high bearing capacity, the passage is straight through, and when fully opened, it is similar to the gate guide hole and straight pipe, and the flow resistance is very small. The valve stem uses composite packing and multiple seals, which makes the seal reliable and low friction.

自力式阀门 时,顺时针转动手轮,闸板下移至底部,由于介质压强的作用,将进口端密封座推向闸板方向,形成较大的密封比压,从而形成第一道密封。 4. When closing the self-operated valve , turn the handwheel clockwise to move the gate down to the bottom. Due to the effect of the medium pressure, push the inlet seal seat toward the gate to form a larger sealing specific pressure, thus forming the first Road seal. At the same time, the gate is pressed against the outlet seal seat to become a double seal.

5. Due to the double seal, the consumables can be replaced without affecting the work of the pipeline. This is an important feature that our products take precedence over similar products at home and abroad.

6. When opening the gate, turn the handwheel counterclockwise to move the gate, and the diversion hole and the channel hole pass through. With the rise of the shutter, the through hole gradually increases. When the limit position is reached, the diversion hole coincides with the passage hole, and at this time is fully opened.

Five, flat gate valve performance specifications

Nominal pressure
Nominal diameter
DN40 ~ DN700
Working pressure (MPa)
Strength test (MPa)
Seal test (MPa)
Working medium
Water, oil, natural gas, etc.
Operating temperature
-29 ~ 121 ℃

Six, flat gate valve use, maintenance, maintenance and precautions

1. The valve has been tested for strength and sealing before leaving the factory, and all connections should be kept in the initial state when in use.

2. This series of valve operation handwheel is marked with the opening and closing rotation direction mark, and the upper part of the open rod type is equipped with an opening and closing height scale for adjustment indication.

3. When welding the valve to the pipeline, the valve should be opened, and the neck should be protected with damp material to minimize the high-temperature heat conduction to prevent damage to the sealing packing.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use a booster when closing the valve. When the shutter is closed to the top, the handwheel should be turned 1/2 turn to make the shutter in a floating state.

5. During the use of the valve, a fixed amount of grease should be regularly injected into the valve cap grease fitting.

6. If the valve leaks due to wearing parts during use, it should be replaced in time.

7. During the maintenance of the valve, the inner cavity should be cleaned, and the transmission parts should be greased during assembly.

8. During storage and deactivation of the valve, the shutter should be in the closed position, and long-term storage should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and checked and maintained regularly.

Seven, the internal structure of the flat gate valve

1. The valve seat adopts O-shaped ring seal and floating valve seat structure with pre-tightening force to make the inlet and outlet of the flat gate valve sealed in both directions; and the opening and closing torque of this structure is only 1/2 of that of ordinary valves, which can easily open and close Close the valve.

2. When fully open, the channel is smooth and straight, the flow resistance coefficient is extremely small, there is no pressure loss, and the pipeline can be cleaned through the wool ball.

3. It adopts packing structure with self-sealing ability, which does not need to be adjusted frequently. It is extremely light to open and close, and has reliable sealing. The packing box is equipped with auxiliary sealing grease injection structure. The sealing performance is absolutely reliable, and it achieves zero leakage. The most prone to leakage at the valve packing.

4. When the flat gate valve is closed, it can automatically remove the high pressure in the inner cavity to ensure safe use.

5. Fully enclosed structure, good protection performance, can adapt to all weather requirements.

6. The sealing structure of the valve seat should be elastic and pre-tight, and the upstream and downstream sealing seats are sealed at the same time. The seat and seal are always face-to-face sealed.

7. The valve seat has a self-cleaning function, and is not directly flushed by air flow during the valve opening or closing process. The valve seat should be made of a lubricated, non-abrasive material.

8. The failure of the valve actuator will not affect the other parts of the valve, and maintenance and replacement can be performed without removing the valve.

9. Yoke Sleeve-Aluminum bronze yoke sleeves are equipped with needle thrust bearings to minimize operating torque.

10. Stem-Thread length up to bracket; pins and spot welding; stability.

11. Pressure Seal-Simple structure with segmented retaining ring and silver-plated mild steel gasket helps to remove and achieve the best bonnet seal.

12. Seat Ring-Welded seat ring is perpendicular to the flow channel for easy maintenance.

13. Actuators-These valves can be configured with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. Below DN300 is equipped with standard manual handwheel, and above DN350 is equipped with helical gear operating mechanism.

14.Yoke-Fully assembled yoke has passed seismic tests for easy maintenance and installation of the actuator.

15. Gland-Two-piece, self-adjusting gland to prevent it from being ejected.

16. Integral rear seat-hard surface for the longest life.

17. Discs-Spring-loaded discs are self-adjusting, reducing the torque requirements of the actuator.

18. Integral stop-The integral cast bracket stop device locates the assembled bracket disc, making the valve seat more stable and reliable.

19. The valve body has two structures: casting and welding.

20. The valve seat is sealed with O-shaped seals and a floating valve seat structure that applies a pre-tightening force to seal the inlet and outlet of the valve in both directions; and the opening and closing torque of this structure is only 1/2 of that of ordinary valves, which can be easily opened and closed valve.

21. For metal-to-metal sealed valves, a grease injection structure is provided on the outside of the valve body. The grease enters the valve sealing surface through the greaser and the valve seat, so that the valve reaches zero leakage.

22. The valve seat is inlaid with PTFE on the sealing surface, which has double sealing of PTFE to metal and metal to metal. The PTFE sealing surface can remove dirt from the gate at the same time.

23. The gate plate and valve seat are processed by special process, spray welded hard alloy, wear-resistant PTFE, and realize double sealing. It can also be filled with grease to help seal the double protection, the seal is more reliable, and the service life is longer.

24. The gate of the valve with the diversion hole, whether it is fully open or fully closed, always matches the sealing surface, and the sealing surface is protected from direct flushing by the medium, thereby extending the service life.

25. When the valve is fully opened, the channel is smooth and straight, the flow resistance coefficient is very small, there is no pressure loss, and the pipeline can be cleaned through the wool ball.

26. The valve adopts a packing structure with self-sealing capability, which does not require frequent adjustment. It is extremely light to open and close, and has a reliable seal. The stuffing box is equipped with an auxiliary sealing grease injection structure. The sealing performance is absolutely reliable and truly achieves zero leakage; The disadvantage of leaking at the common valve packing is the most easy.

27. When the valve is closed, it can automatically remove the high pressure in the cavity to ensure safe use.

28. Fully enclosed structure, good protection performance, can adapt to all weather requirements.

29. The valve is provided with an indicator rod or observation window to indicate the opening and closing of the valve.

Eight, the application of flat gate valve

1. (Class150 ~ 900 / PN1.0 ~ 16.0MPa, working temperature -29 ~ 121 ℃) Petroleum and natural gas pipelines. Flat gate valves with diversion holes also make it easy to clean the pipeline.

2. Product pipelines and storage equipment.

3. The wellhead device for oil and gas extraction, that is, the valve for the tree.

4. Pipes with suspended particulate media.

5. City gas pipelines.

6. Waterworks.

Nine, the selection principle of flat gate valve

1. For oil and gas transmission pipelines, single gate or double gate flat gate valves are used. If you need to clean the pipeline, choose a single gate or double gate open stem flat gate valve with diversion holes.

2. The product oil pipelines and storage equipment are single gate or double gate flat gate valves without diversion holes.

3. For wellhead devices for oil and gas production, single-plate or double-plate flat gate valves with concealed floating valve seats and diversion holes are used. Most of them are API16A standards, and the pressure levels are API2000, API3000, API5000, API10000, API15000, API20000.

4. For pipes with suspended particulate media, knife-type flat gate valves are used.

5. For urban gas transmission pipelines, single-gate or double-gate soft-sealed open-rod flat gate valves are used.

6. For urban water supply projects, single-gate or double-gate open-rod flat-rod gate valves without diversion holes are used.

Ten, common specifications of flat gate valve

Specification range
Specifications fifty to three hundred
temperature range
Negative 20 degrees Celsius ≈ 550 degrees Celsius
Pressure range
Pressure range sixteen to one hundred
Body material
WCB / 304/316 / WC6 /
Stem material
F6A / F304 / F316 / F304 / F304
Valve cover material
Same as the ontology
Valve plate material
Stainless steel / alloy steel
Connection method
Scope of application
Water, oil, gas, gas and some corrosive liquids

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