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Arta Teivāne

Hello, I’m Arta!

I am born, raised and living in Latvia, in the continent of Europe. Briefly touching on my life, I also want to open some people’s eyes about the world from my point of view, both literally and philosophically. I love taking snaps of things, writing snippets about other things and issues as well as what I have experienced and feel like sharing with the world.  I also enjoy traveling this strange planet and seeing new places, even though I am not able to do it as frequently as my heart desires!

I have dreams and aspirations in the size of the universe and I don’t really see a way to sit back and not have it all; I’ll make it work one way or another. My first dream of getting a BFA degree in graphic design from SCAD has concluded successfully and that is just the beginning of my professional artistic career.

I believe that an online presence like this will introduce my being to those who have ever interacted with anything I create – my drawings, designs or my newest fun obsession, notebook cover designs. I hope that this will stay a happy, positive and artsy web space for others to read during the free minutes of their busy day. 🙂

Blog created during the Summer of 2015.

A penny for your thoughts?

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