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Quilt Ball valve
Quilt gate
Quilt Butterfly valve
Quilt Shut-off valve
Quilt Electric valve
Quilt Control valve
Quilt The electromagnetic valve
Quilt Shut-off valve
Quilt Safety valve
Quilt Check valve
Quilt Drain valve
Quilt Needle valve
Quilt Balancing valve
Quilt Pressure reducing valve
Quilt Diaphragm valve
Quilt Vent
Quilt Stopcock
Quilt Plunger valve
Quilt Flame arrester
Quilt Breathing valve
Quilt Steam trap
Quilt filter
Quilt Discharge valve
Quilt Drain valve
Quilt Pneumatic valves
Quilt Regulating valve
Quilt Vacuum valve
Quilt Hydraulic valve
Quilt Valve fittings
Quilt Hydraulic control valve
Quilt Self-operated valve
Quilt Electric two-way valve
Quilt Oilfield special valve
Quilt Special valve for liquefied petroleum gas
Quilt Inlet valve

Company Profile

电动阀门 、真空阀门、通用阀门、电磁阀、美标阀门、德标阀门、日标阀门等。 The leading products of Hushan Valve Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. include: regulating valves and accessories, pneumatic valves, electric valves , vacuum valves, general valves, solenoid valves, American standard valves, German standard valves, Japanese standard valves, etc.

      是一家专业化研发、生产、销售和服务为一体的阀门制造公司 Hushan Valve Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional valve manufacturing company integrating R & D, production, sales and service .   GB API ANSI DIN JIS BS 等标准设计、制造、加工,产品的通径从 DN3-1000mm 1/8—40// ),工作压力从 0.1—10Mpa 150 LB—900LB ),同时用户可以根据使用介质不同选用碳钢、合金钢、不锈钢等材质来满足工艺要求,强腐蚀、强冲刷介质可以选用流道衬氟、衬陶瓷等产品来满足,产品的适用温度为 -20—450℃ ,产品的驱动方式用户可以根据实际使用工况选用手动、气动、电动、液动、电液动、气液动等。 All products of our company can be designed, manufactured and processed according to GB , API , ANSI , DIN , JIS , BS and other standards. The diameter of the product is from DN3-1000mm ( 1 / 8-40 // ), and the working pressure is from 0.1-10Mpa. ( 150 LB—900LB ). At the same time, the user can choose carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials to meet the process requirements according to the different media. The strong corrosion and strong erosion media can be selected by the use of runner-lined fluorine and ceramic-lined products. The applicable temperature is -20-450 ℃ . The user can choose manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic-hydraulic, etc. according to the actual operating conditions.          

       全方位适应和满足市场 的企业方针,恪守 诚信为本,追求卓越 企业理念,发扬 团结奋进,求新务实 企业精神,不懈努力,加倍奋斗,为新老客户提供更新更好的产品和服务,为客户创造价值。 In the face of increasingly fierce market competition and the severe test of global economic integration, our Hushan people will always adhere to the corporate policy of adapting and satisfying the market in all directions , abide by the corporate philosophy of honesty, pursuit of excellence , and promote unity "Forge ahead, seek new and pragmatic " enterprise spirit, make unremitting efforts, redouble our efforts, provide new and old customers with newer and better products and services, and create value for customers.

天天都是 3.15” 沪山 人始终遵循的宗旨,坚持以质量求生存、品质求发展,不断开拓创新。 " Every day is 3.15" is the purpose that " Hushan " people always follow, adhere to the quality of survival, quality and development, and constantly open up innovation. 沪山阀业,再铸辉煌 为精神动力与社会各界同仁携手共创阀业天地,欢迎新老客户莅临我公司参观指导。 All employees of our company take " Hushan valve industry, recast glory " as the spiritual motivation and colleagues from all walks of life to create the valve industry world, welcome new and old customers to visit our company for guidance.

       The company's leading products include: regulating valves and accessories, pneumatic valves, electric valves, vacuum valves, universal valves, American standard valves, German standard valves, Japanese standard valves and imported valves. Such as: pneumatic regulating valve, pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, electric regulating valve, electric ball valve, electric butterfly valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve, regulating valve, diaphragm valve, solenoid valve, needle valve, breathing valve, flame arrester, etc. Valves and accessories include: electric regulating valve, pneumatic regulating valve, self-operated regulating valve, manual regulating valve, pneumatic diaphragm actuator, electric actuator, electric valve positioner, electric valve regulating module, etc. Common valves include: solenoid valve, needle valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve , butterfly valve, check valve, hydraulic control valve, plunger valve, plug valve, diaphragm valve, filter, drain Valves, exhaust valves, balancing valves and imported valves. The solenoid valve includes: a water solenoid valve, a steam solenoid valve, a gas solenoid valve, an air solenoid valve, a vacuum solenoid valve, a high temperature solenoid valve, and the like. American standard valves include gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, etc. At the same time, the company can design, manufacture and process non-standard products according to customer requirements.


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