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Why custom order?

Maybe you’d want one of your favorite quotes illustrated on a notebook that’s always with you. Or perhaps you want to look cool with your one of a kind looking drawing pad in your drawing class. How about having a notebook with your own name illustrated on it? You can always have it as a gift for your special one or.. for your gramps to write their bingo wins in? 🙂 You decide!

The Notebook

There are very many kinds to choose from, starting with plain, ruled, squared, planner, storyboard, etc! And then the sizes and colors… can get confusing, so, here are your options.

  1. Faster option: It’s possible to choose a notebook from the ones I already have, of which I’ll provide images and descriptions. Some are Moleskine, which are a tad pricier, and some are more affordable brands.
  2. Slower option: You can choose a notebook kind you’d like (size, type, color), which I will then order from the official Moleskine shop. I can give you suggestions based on the needs of your notebooking, for example, if you need it for sketching, drawing, writing, etc!

The Time

If you pick a notebook I already have in stock – great! We’re ahead of time. But if you need a custom choice, it might take up to 1 or 2 weeks to get your special choice. If you’re not in a rush, then awesome, cause finding the perfect fir might be worth the time.

Custom artwork chosen by you will also take a bit longer. Why? It’s just a drawing? Well that, dear lady or gent, is because I have to do initial sketches, perhaps even research to create the design you want. The notebooks that are my own designs are faster and easier to produce, but a custom order needs a little bit more care.

The Price

The main variables are the choice of your notebook kind and the volume of my work. Let’s look at two examples.

  1. A large notebook would be costlier than a pocket sized one. But with a simple, uncomplicated custom drawing request the price won’t jump too much.
  2. A pocket sized notebook is fairly affordable, but if you decide on a complicated, very detailed artwork, that will bring the price up a tad bit more than a simplistic one.

See, it really depends on how long I have to work on it and how much work goes into it. I love perfection, so I always do my best to try and get it just right.

Let’s do this!

Go here, to my etsy shop, to make a custom order.

If you don’t use Etsy email me: hey @ (no spaces)

Or use the form below if neither of that is to your liking? 

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