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Electric diaphragm valve

是一种特殊形式的截断阀,出现于20世纪20年代。 Electric diaphragm valves are a special form of shut-off valve that appeared in the 1920s. Its opening and closing piece is a diaphragm made of soft material, which separates the inner cavity of the valve body from the inner cavity of the valve cover and the driving part, so it is called a diaphragm valve. 隔膜阀的特点如下:最突出特点是隔膜把下部阀体内腔与上部阀盖内腔隔阀。 The characteristics of electric diaphragm valve are as follows: The most prominent feature is that the diaphragm separates the lower valve body cavity from the upper valve cover inner cavity.

ZDSG straight travel electric regulating diaphragm valve
ZDSG straight travel electric
G941F (unlined), G941Fs (fluorinated plastic) electric diaphragm valve
G941F (Unlined
EG941W (unlined), EG941J (rubber lined) electric diaphragm valve
EG941W (none
G941W (unlined), G941J (rubber lined) electric diaphragm valve
G941W (Unlined
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