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Quilt Oilfield special valve
Quilt Special valve for liquefied petroleum gas
Quilt Inlet valve

Angle stroke valve

  角行程阀门 完成自动调节的任务。 The angle travel valve is also an electric actuator. It is used to receive the standard value galvanic signal of 0 ~ 10, 4 ~ 20 mA or 1 ~ 5 volts sent by the regulator or other instruments. The corner torque is used to operate switches, valves, etc. The angular stroke valve completes the task of automatic adjustment. Both types of actuators previously consisted of servo amplifiers and actuators. Nowadays, the organic, intelligent, and integrated structures have similar structures, working principles, and methods of use. The only differences are an output displacement (thrust) and an output angle (torque).

ZSS pneumatic V-type regulating ball valve
ZSS pneumatic V-shaped adjustment
Electric multifunctional eccentric rotary valve
Electric multifunctional eccentric
EDRV dynamic balancing electric regulating valve
EDRV dynamic balance
ZAJQ intelligent electric ball valve
ZAJQ intelligent electric
QGT type pneumatic ball valve
QGT type pneumatic ball valve
Pneumatic multifunctional eccentric rotary valve
Pneumatic multifunctional eccentric
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