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Quilt Ball valve
Quilt gate
Quilt Butterfly valve
Quilt Shut-off valve
Quilt Electric valve
Quilt Control valve
Quilt The electromagnetic valve
Quilt Shut-off valve
Quilt Safety valve
Quilt Check valve
Quilt Drain valve
Quilt Needle valve
Quilt Balancing valve
Quilt Pressure reducing valve
Quilt Diaphragm valve
Quilt Vent
Quilt Stopcock
Quilt Plunger valve
Quilt Flame arrester
Quilt Breathing valve
Quilt Steam trap
Quilt filter
Quilt Discharge valve
Quilt Drain valve
Quilt Pneumatic valves
Quilt Regulating valve
Quilt Vacuum valve
Quilt Hydraulic valve
Quilt Valve fittings
Quilt Hydraulic control valve
Quilt Self-operated valve
Quilt Electric two-way valve
Quilt Oilfield special valve
Quilt Special valve for liquefied petroleum gas
Quilt Inlet valve

Pneumatic control valve

  Pneumatic control valve uses compressed gas as the power source and cylinder as the actuator, and uses the valve positioner, converter, solenoid valve, retention valve, gas storage tank, gas filter and other accessories to drive the valve to achieve the switching value. Or proportional adjustment, receiving control signals from industrial automation control systems to complete the adjustment of pipeline media: flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level and other process parameters. The characteristics of the pneumatic regulating valve are simple control, fast response, and intrinsically safe, and no additional explosion-proof measures need to be taken.

ZHD pneumatic multi-stage control valve
ZHD pneumatic multi-stage adjustment
ZJHJ pneumatic angle control valve
ZJHJ pneumatic angle type
ZJHF pneumatic three-way control valve
ZJHF Pneumatic Tee
ZJHP pneumatic single seat regulating valve
ZJHP pneumatic single seat
Pneumatic large caliber sleeve regulating valve
Pneumatic large caliber sleeve adjustment
Fine small pneumatic sleeve regulating valve
Fine small pneumatic sleeve adjustment
Fine small pneumatic three-way control valve
Fine small pneumatic tee
Pneumatic film multi-stage high pressure regulating valve
Pneumatic film multi-stage high pressure
ZJHP fine small pneumatic single seat regulating valve
ZJHP fine gas
BHTS HTSJ Pneumatic Insulation Jacket Single Seat Control Valve
High-pressure single-seat angle control valve
High-pressure single-seat angle adjustment
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