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Pneumatic gate valve

Pneumatic gate valve is a gate valve with pneumatic actuator. Pneumatic actuators have a relatively fast execution speed. The fastest switching speed is 0.05 seconds / time, so they are often called pneumatic quick-cut ball valves. Pneumatic gate valve is usually equipped with various accessories, such as solenoid valve, air source processing triplet, limit switch, positioner, control box, etc., to achieve local control and long-distance centralized control, the valve can be controlled in the control room It does not need to go to the scene or bring manual control at high altitude and dangerously, which greatly saves human resources and time and safety. Specific classification of pneumatic ball valves are: stainless steel pneumatic ball valves, plastic pneumatic ball valves, sanitary pneumatic ball valves, carbon steel pneumatic ball valves, two-way pneumatic ball valves, three-way pneumatic ball valves, four-way pneumatic ball valves.

SCZ673H-10P pneumatic penetrating knife gate valve
Z6S41H pneumatic with manual gate valve
Z6S41H pneumatic
PZ673 Pneumatic Wafer Knife Gate Valve
PZ673 pneumatic pair
Z641 national standard pneumatic wedge gate valve
Z641 national standard pneumatic
Z641H, ZS641H pneumatic flange gate valve
Z641H, ZS
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