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Quilt Ball valve
Quilt gate
Quilt Butterfly valve
Quilt Shut-off valve
Quilt Electric valve
Quilt Control valve
Quilt The electromagnetic valve
Quilt Shut-off valve
Quilt Safety valve
Quilt Check valve
Quilt Drain valve
Quilt Needle valve
Quilt Balancing valve
Quilt Pressure reducing valve
Quilt Diaphragm valve
Quilt Vent
Quilt Stopcock
Quilt Plunger valve
Quilt Flame arrester
Quilt Breathing valve
Quilt Steam trap
Quilt filter
Quilt Discharge valve
Quilt Drain valve
Quilt Pneumatic valves
Quilt Regulating valve
Quilt Vacuum valve
Quilt Hydraulic valve
Quilt Valve fittings
Quilt Hydraulic control valve
Quilt Self-operated valve
Quilt Electric two-way valve
Quilt Oilfield special valve
Quilt Special valve for liquefied petroleum gas
Quilt Inlet valve

Product Commitment

Product Quality Commitment

Design and manufacturing standards

All types of valves provided by our company are designed, manufactured, inspected and accepted in accordance with relevant domestic standards such as GB, JB, SH, HG, CJ, and foreign standards such as ANSI, JIS, BS, DIN.

Product warranty system

Our company has obtained ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification from CQC and has a complete quality assurance system.

Third, quality control

  1. All sub-suppliers are inspected and reviewed, and all products are purchased only by qualified sub-suppliers. The raw materials, purchased parts and outsourced parts provided by the sub-suppliers must undergo strict rechecks when they enter the factory, and they are allowed to enter the warehouse after passing the inspection.
  2. The casting and forgings, steel castings, and stainless steel castings provided by the sub-suppliers all have qualified chemical composition analysis sheets and physical performance test sheets;
  3. Product manufacturing strictly implements the "double three inspections" system, and unqualified parts are not reordered, assembled, or shipped;
  4. After assembly, the strength and sealing performance tests shall be performed in accordance with GB13927, JB / T9092, CJ / T3056 standards (water, kerosene, gas)
  5. Our company is responsible for the quality and delivery time of the product. The warranty period is one year from the date of product delivery and lifetime maintenance. For the consequences caused by product quality, our company assumes corresponding responsibilities. If the consequence is caused by improper operation, our company will maintain the equipment at the lowest cost.

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Product Delivery Commitment

  1. We guarantee to provide new and defect-free products, as well as related drawings and other technical documents about the products. After the goods arrive at the construction site, technicians will be sent to the site to provide technical guidance, training, and installation and commissioning of the product for free.
  2. Respond 2 hours after receiving your report on product quality issues, and will be responsible for handling product quality issues until you are satisfied.
  3. After the project is running, our company will send an inquiry team led by the chief engineer to collect feedback on product quality and other information for improvement.
  4. Our company provides after-sales service hotline, technical hotline and quality assurance hotline to customers. Ensure that the relevant departments are available for service 12 hours, and key personnel open mobile phones 24 hours to provide services.
  5. The passing rate of the products is 100%. Defects / potential defects are found during the warranty period. Our company is responsible for free repair or replacement and compensation for losses. Free technical advice and services.
  6. All products will be sent to the customer's designated location in a timely and accurate manner. The product instruction manual and qualification certificate are included with the product. If the customer requires, our company will send relevant personnel to the site to guide installation and commissioning.

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After-sales service commitment

  1. Clarify the preferential conditions for after-sales service and the response time of the warranty: arrive at the site for repair within 24-36 hours (48 hours outside the province) during the warranty period. After the warranty period expires, the routine maintenance time and various maintenance commitments shall be clearly defined.
  2. Valve-type equipment is provided for free maintenance for 1 year and a free spare parts list within this period. If non-human-induced damage occurs during the free maintenance period (except for force majeure reasons), our company will promptly replace and repair it for free.
  3. The equipment requires life-long repair. If the buyer entrusts our company to perform maintenance after the free warranty period expires, our company will maintain and replace the equipment (factory price), and list the maintenance content in detail.
  4. Our company provides the minimum service life of the equipment. During this period, if a serious accident (except for reasons of force majeure) occurs due to non-human operation, the buyer has the right to trace the responsibility of the seller.
  5. When the production of a certain kind of equipment is stopped or changed, our company will inform the buyer in advance of the plan of stopping or changing production, so that the buyer has enough time to purchase the required spare parts; at the same time, our company provides the spare part drawings and related technical parameters for free.
  6. Companion services provided by our company
    1. During installation and commissioning, it is responsible for equipment maintenance, operation, and training of operation and maintenance personnel. These services are provided free of charge.
    2. Required spare parts: standard configuration accessories and special tools to ensure the normal operation of the equipment are included in the bid price for the complete set of equipment.
  7. Our company takes the interests of customers as the first priority, thinks what customers want, what customers are anxious about, and does its best to meet customer requirements and do good after-sales service.

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