Special Offer

I’ve just graduated with a BFA degree in graphic design, I’d like to expand my portfolio a little bit and get more experience by working with typographic logos.

For you this offer is good if:

  • You’re a new blogger and don’t have a logo
  • You’d like to change your old one to look more up-to-date
  • You want something affordable

This offer will not be the best if:

  • You’re looking for a whole rebrand of your blog
  • You want illustrative elements**

** in this case another service like etsy & creativemarket could be a good place where to look for symbols or elements that you want to add, then I could put it all together (like in the example below).

What I offer:

  • Low price logo for your blog ranging between $20-$50
  • Lovely & helpful customer service!

Remember that what you pay is what you get, so it’s not going to be the next CocaCola logo! I don’t have all the time in the world, but I am good at what I do and it’s a bargain for the work I would be doing, so get in contact with me asap to be the first in line!

What to include in your message:

  • Your logo text
  • Blog link
  • What you would like (examples are good too)

I’ll get back at you and we’ll discuss it from there! Payments are possible through PayPal or custom order at TinteInk Etsy Shop.

You can message me using this form below or here on facebook.

Recently made with a premade image asset:

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