That day when I opened a blog & a shop the same day.

How do I me?

Being an artist is something that you choose, because it’s what you want to do, not what you have to do. While going through the phases of determining if you consider yourself an artist or if this is just a hobby, you feel like having a sense of individuality and style is the first thing you need. You want to be recognized for this thing that you do. Either your drawing style, your colour choices or anything else that is consistent throughout your work. But that is the very wrong way of beginning your journey as a creative.

whimsy notebooks tinteink

When I was 16ish, I very clearly knew art is for me, I never had any other thoughts of what I’m going to do or what I’m supposed to do early on, anyways. At that age I was interested in a particular style and saw how these other illustrators were drawing in only this one super cool way and thought I need my thing, I’ll have a thing and I’ll be recognized for it, my THING!

That’s the wrong way to go, young me.

As simple and cliché as it sounds, it’ll come to you. The job for an individual is to explore and try many different things. Not within a week or a month, even a year. Finding your niche takes a long time. Personally, now 7 years later, I’ve tried painting with 3 different mediums, drawing with 4 or 5 different ones, I’ve tried sculpting, designing furniture, sewing, writing, reading, glueing things (good times), taking photographs and even editing and making videos. I’m not great at all of the things, I’ll never be, but exploring all of it is what leads me to the next step. Finding who I am as an individual is realizing what I like to do, what I can do within each of these “fields” and what I am good at, by trying all of it. One cannot decide, “I like this and this is my thing!” without going through the processes of exploration.

And still. I don’t have a clue as to what is my thing, because during this time leading to this point, I realize that a “thing” is a limitation. I know the direction and main details, like graphic design being my work, illustration – my hobby.

Tinte Ink Online Art Shop

That’s why I’m now trying another new thing for the sake of doing something and seeing if I enjoy it and if I’m any good at it. This blog is going to be a part of the trying processes. Just now I opened a shop on Etsy and I’m excited!

whimsy notebooks 2

This is something I’ve wanted to do for an eternity, but only stopped procrastinating this March, so now 4 months later, I finally have it started! Who knew it’d be so time consuming, especially while studying. I’ve always loved drawing on things plus having a million notebooks, so I thought why not try and combine those two, make a shop out of it! I have too many ideas and too little patience, so I’m starting small. Stocking the shop slowly.

Finding my own personal sense of individuality, style and trade is still a work in progress, meanwhile I’m sponging all there is to learn and explore within the realm of creativity and I have no intention to stop any time soon. I hope this blog survives, as I’ve always liked having one.

Either way,


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