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My name? Arta. And you? Well… you could be the kind stranger. Here’s my story.

I’ve been using a wheelchair on and off since I was 14 and now at 25 I need it daily. I’m now an adult and my life needs more mobility. My current wheelchair is too heavy to manoeuvre on my own. It is impossible for me to access slopes, whether it’s going up or down. I can’t get through patches of grass or rough terrain. And my body does not have enough strength to manage the heavy wheelchair in the long run. But I don’t want to switch to a completely automatic remote-control wheelchair in hopes of preserving the mobility that I have left in my body.

I need a new wheelchair. One that is light, one with specific powered wheels, so I can go about my day. The wheelchair that I have right now is keeping me from a more active lifestyle that I’d love to partake in!

I’m an artist with a bachelors degree and I wish my body was as capable as my mind. If I want to pursue a career, build a business and be a supportive life partner, I’m required to find ways to access these paths. This fundraising campaign is one of them.

So many years have passed, why haven’t I gotten around to saving up by now and getting a new wheelchair? One thing. I had no information. In the beginning of the journey of my changing body, I did not know that lightweight chairs exist, that there are additional parts for mobility, that there are people who actually have things like that! I was provided with one chair by the government and I took what they gave me. I assumed that it’s going to be like this from now on. I’m given what’s available. I had no idea that I had different needs. I assumed that there are no choices or options. No one really told me and I didn’t know whom to ask. Or what to ask!

Along came social media and suddenly I saw all of these people around the world – some having amazing design chairs, some having wheels that speed away and everyone was enjoying their wheelchair life! I had no idea. But now I know what to look for. I searched and researched and realised on how much I was missing out. Now it’s not just something I need, but it is something that I deserve.

My whole childhood up until middle school I’ve been riding bikes around town and that’s one thing I miss quite a lot. Upon research I found out that I still have the option to pretty much ride a bike! Technically..

I need a special wheelchair addon, which is a steerable bike.

Since I haven’t ridden a bike in at least 12 years, I would love to get back the feeling of it. My little dream is to go on bike rides with my family, which have not been a part of my life for so long now.

All of this needs very specific and individually made gear which is very expensive. For now it is my only way towards a more mobile life. Since I can’t drive a car, I’d love to have more independence with a more powered wheelchair, where these special battery-powered wheels come in. The future of technology is here. I want to use these wheels to be able to go to my own backyard by myself. To walk around the mall by myself. I need a wheelchair that is lightweight and easily foldable, so I can go on trips and travel as I love to do.

I will soon travel to the United Kingdom to test all of this wonderful new technology. And if this campaign goes well, I’ll be able to own this very amazing gear. I’ve never been as excited about being in a wheelchair as I am now!

Any spare donations will go into my physical therapy exercise fund, as I have to work out with a professional every week, which already is 280 euros a month. By working out I can keep my body active and healthy. With a better wheelchair – keep my mind healthy!

I will continue to update my own social media accounts with the progress of this new mobility journey, document the steps that I’m going through. No pun intended.

The donation goal reflects the sum likely to require spending for the mobility gear, customisation and fees.

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