That day when I stocked.

Having something small you cherish and wanting for it to grow steadily, you have to put in some effort. I’ve always loved stationery and I can spend hours looking at notebooks and the pens or pencils sections, I want to have all of it! I realized that I’d actually want my own line of stationery, something great, pretty, useful and just plain cool. This is why I started the Tinte Ink Etsy shop for custom cover notebooks, journals and sketchbooks.

As with any business… you have to spend some to make some.

I can hardly call it business yet, I literally had this opened a couple months ago and had my first sale around a week ago. Seeing the crazy competition that Etsy has for the product I’m competing to be noticed as well – this sale was a huge surprise. And a huge boost. I could actually do this? 

notezbook stock post pic 4

I started with a few, cheapest, but better quality notebooks by my favorite brand Moleskine (oh, bias) and had not spent too much to start off. However, no one is gonna spend at a shop with, like, 5 items. That’s just plain shady, oke. So, to make it more approachable and, well, stocked – I have to invest a bit. This sounds like banking, but nah nah! I had to buy more stock notebooks, to redesign and this is where I hope it turns around as the time passes.

I got a few notebooks today, just four, really. One from which is some sort of brand called Lauchtturm 1917 and it looks as fancy as Moleskine and definitely competes in the price… ugh, my wallet. I’ll have to see if this holds up the standard for this price. The other three were cheaper, but more fun ones in a simple sense. The paper is quite thin, but it has this vintage feel and texture, that could be really fun to sketch and take random notes on. And the elastic bands are always good to have.

notezbook stock post pic 3

Wait, it’s not that simple?

One thing is just buying your supplies, but as an arts kind of shop, I have to invest a lot of time, creativity and concentration to come up with the designs, illustrations and drawings for each. Part of me thought that I’ll just have the notebooks and the job is pretty much done, cause I can draw and all is good. But it’s really hard to just draw.

I’m (fairly) determined to draw at least a couple of covers this week, but I’m sometimes the most awful procrastinator, that I wake up after a month and realize it’s winter and what have I been doing all this time, someone CALL SOMEONE omg?!

Okay, I’m in my cave, ready to werk. I guess I could watch just one episode of Orange Is The New Black first..

notezbook stock post pic 1

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