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Quilt Ball valve
Quilt gate
Quilt Butterfly valve
Quilt Shut-off valve
Quilt Electric valve
Quilt Control valve
Quilt The electromagnetic valve
Quilt Shut-off valve
Quilt Safety valve
Quilt Check valve
Quilt Drain valve
Quilt Needle valve
Quilt Balancing valve
Quilt Pressure reducing valve
Quilt Diaphragm valve
Quilt Vent
Quilt Stopcock
Quilt Plunger valve
Quilt Flame arrester
Quilt Breathing valve
Quilt Steam trap
Quilt filter
Quilt Discharge valve
Quilt Drain valve
Quilt Pneumatic valves
Quilt Regulating valve
Quilt Vacuum valve
Quilt Hydraulic valve
Quilt Valve fittings
Quilt Hydraulic control valve
Quilt Self-operated valve
Quilt Electric two-way valve
Quilt Oilfield special valve
Quilt Special valve for liquefied petroleum gas
Quilt Inlet valve

A pressure regulating valve

Pressure regulating valve, also known as self-operated balancing valve, flow control valve, flow controller, dynamic balancing valve, flow balancing valve, is an intuitive and simple flow regulating control device. The flow regulating valve in the pipe network can be set directly according to the design. Constant flow, the valve can automatically eliminate the flow deviation caused by the remaining head and pressure fluctuations of the pipeline under the action of water, and maintain the set flow constant regardless of the system pressure change. These functions of the valve make the flow adjustment of the pipe network complete once. , Turn the network adjustment work into a simple flow distribution, effectively solve the hydraulic imbalance of the pipeline network. The flow regulating valve is mainly used in: centralized heating (cold) and other water systems, so that the pipe network flow is distributed on demand, eliminates the hydraulic imbalance of the water system, and solves the problem of uneven hot and cold.

Self-operated pressure regulating valve
Self-operated pressure regulating valve
Self-operated pressure regulating valve-pilot operated type
Self-operated pressure regulating valve
ZZYP self-operated pressure regulating valve
ZZYP self-pressing
ZZV self-acting micro-pressure regulating valve
ZZV self-supporting micro pressure
V230Y self-operated pressure regulating valve
V230Y self-supporting
ZZY self-operated pressure regulating valve
ZZY type self-pressing
Self-operated pressure and differential pressure combination valve
Self pressure, differential pressure
ZZC, ZZV self-operating differential (micro) pressure regulating valve
ZZC, ZZV since
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